How The Forum Works

Welcome to the Themeco Forum! We’ve put together this overview post to explain everything you need to know and so you can quickly find the most helpful information. From best practices to community guidelines, please take a second to read.

Start with Search

Product support is provided in our Support Forum, and there are several helpful resources at your disposal. One of the greatest benefits to these forums is your ability to search prior to posting a question. We strongly encourage you to do so as the vast majority of your questions will be able to be answered by searching. You can use our native search feature or sometimes for more accurate results simply go to Google and type in your question plus add the word Themeco at the end.

Looking for additional help with 3rd party plugins and customizations? Be sure to check out One. This premium service has become very popular with our customers, especially those who want one place to go for all their website building questions. If you’d like our team to take care of things like updates and changes, be sure to check out Total Care.

Browse Docs

Looking for helpful product tutorials and step-by-step instructions? Docs is where you will find all official documentation for Themeco products and services. There are topics there ranging from version compatibility to how updates work and more. This is a great place to visit often in addition to our blog. You can also search on Google for any topic by just adding the word Themeco at the end.

Support Forum vs. Beta Forum

The Support Forum is where you post support questions, and the Beta Forum is where customers can help test and provide feedback on future updates. The Beta Forum is hidden by default, and you must optin for access (steps here).

How to Post a New Topic

If you are unable to find an answer to your question by searching first, click the “+ New Topic” button at the top of the forum home when logged into your Themeco account.

When posting be as specific as possible in describing the issue. Simply saying “My site is broken” or “I did an update and now nothing works” is not helpful. List the issue in detail including any steps you have taken to troubleshoot and always remember to first test 3rd party plugins by deactivating them one by one and ensuring all caches have been emptied. Review this common issues article. The vast majority of issues we see can be resolved or at least identified by doing this.

Do not private message a Themeco staff member about support as it will be ignored. All support is provided in the forum. If you need to get in touch about something else, please contact us.

Secure Notes

It is very common to need to share sensitive information with our staff such as login or FTP information. In order to keep this private, be sure to use the Secure Note icon that you will find at the bottom of each reply.

When clicked, you can add content that will only be visible to our staff. Secure Notes are visible to the original poster, so do not post a secure note unless you have started the thread.

Private Threads

Only Themeco has the ability to make an entire thread private, and we will do this when we determine the discussion to be better suited for private discussion. This includes, but is not limited to, posts pertaining to feedback, complaints, or topics not relevant to the forum.

While we provide support via the public forum for the benefit of our customers, we reserve the right to turn any conversation into a private discussion for any reason and at any time. When a thread is unlisted it is removed from the public forum.

How to Find Existing Topics

You can find a list of all your likes, bookmarks, and existing topics by going to your dashboard and clicking on the username that appears beneath your profile picture.

Screenshot 2020-05-19 at 16.10.01

Response Times

Generally speaking, we answer all questions in the order they are received. All support topics are added to a monitored queue, so please do not bump your threads while waiting for a reply as this may delay a response. Please be sure you have first searched the forum and docs prior to creating a new ticket.

It is always our goal to respond as fast as possible. We generally reply within a few hours, but it may take up to a day. It may be longer if we are especially busy (for example around the time of an update). Please remember this is an estimated time frame and not a guarantee. If you are looking for faster response times and assistance with any question including customizations and third party plugins, check out our One service.

Official Replies

Themeco staff have a green badge next to their picture and a “Staff” label next to their name.


No Hijacking Threads

If someone has a support ticket, please don’t hijack their thread. If you are experiencing something similar feel free to simply bookmark the post so you can see future staff replies. If you know the answer or want to help out, feel free to do so.

Liking & Bookmarks Explained

Two great features to these forums are the liking and bookmarking features. Liking is a great way to agree or confirm something.

Bookmarking is a great way to save threads you would like to reference in the future.

Competing Products

While we encourage discussions under the categories listed on our forum, discussion of competing products (for example, other WordPress themes) is prohibited. This includes features and product comparisons. Thank-you in advance for understanding this is a Themeco-owned and operated community for our customers and members.

Dealing with Conflict

Conflict is guaranteed to happen - we’re human, and this is the internet. You may be frustrated. You may strongly disagree with a person, topic, or answer. Feelings may get hurt. Let’s not let that get in the way of creating the type of community we can all be proud of.

Many times, simply leaving your computer for a few hours or a day can calm your nerves and help you think with a fresh perspective. Remember, we are here to help and serve one another not make each other’s life more difficult. Please don’t make other people’s lives more difficult. We can do much more together than any one of us can do on our own, so let’s all work to show grace to others. It’s a wonderful thing to receive and an even greater thing to give.


We hope this helps provide an overview to some of the many support resources at your disposal. There is much more you’ll discover through experimentation, and a member of the team will be happy to clarify anything further you may need.

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How add a Video Background in Mike/Jess theme
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Error message about my PHP version being insecure
Cornerstone ERROR URGENT
Moving a Legacy X Theme Site to the New Version
Line getting broken on Cornerstone
Match h4 style from widget area in next section?
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How to fix this Plugin Error?
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Cornerstone not working, conflict with plugins error
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There is no mobile menu
Strange problem with Hyperlinks
License reset - Validation and Revoke of License not possible
The Grid with WPML is slowing down our site
Help! Font Awesome icons suddenly not showing up!
Background Video - Whole Page (or Entire Website) - Pro
Can't edit text in sections or add elements
Error - The preview could not load due to the iframe response being incomplete
Place mobile menu on the right
Space below slider
Sidebar Widget Pop-In Appearance
Clicking on woo commerce product causes "There has been a critical error on this website." after update
Broken back-end. Can't update theme
Card Element Issues in IE/Edge
Mike & Jess is not installed sucessfully from Design Cloud
Pro Header appearing when not supposed to
Modern Event Calendar - upcomming Event showing finished
X Theme Menu not displaying correctly Published page return 404
Mobile site no longer scrolling properly
Problems with Superfly menu
Cart Off Canvas Button Links not connecting
The Grid Animation Effect
Them option manager
My Cornerstone license purchased on Envato isn't working! Please help!
Woocommerce issue with the latest version
Is this a cache problem
CSS on page-builder text element
Home page and Category page layout not in 3x3
Envira gallery does not go to next page
Lost! lost! lost!
Two different blog pages
Thick horizontal borders on home page
Homepage Style Broken
Classic Block Grid 'unrecognised' with new update
X Theme not working
Rev slider not loading on ipad or iphone
Essential Grids Post Content not showing
Can't validate X get blank screen
Product gallery photos are tiny and overlap the main image
Post element not showing up in The Grid - Pro 4.10
Revolution Slider - Entire Slider Not Showing
No preview in Pro, exit to dashboard log me out of WP
Cornerstone Posts RSS Excerpt Description Issue
Gutenberg columns and centered title not working
WooCommerce Terms & Conditions box not displaying content
X PRO problem after last update
Menus Very Slow in Admin
Wordpress site health
Fatal Error: Memory Limit
"Contact Form 7 is Not Active"
Scrolling Keeps Sticking on Integrity Theme
My background disappears
Logo image blocking social icons
Pro Unlimited License will NOT Validate again
Page Styling Disappeared
Items in WooCommerce shop cathegory are not properly displayed after update
Sticky Header (on mobile) gone after upgrading fro X to Pro
Background Lower Layer image - pattern repeat?
WooCommerce 2-Column Product Listings on Mobile
Pro unlimited lifetime validation
X theme footer font bold
ConvertPlus Email Notification Not Working
Integrity-business slider not found
Strange code attached to URL
Envira Gallery Addons will not install
Can't see or add elements in Pro to make edits
Site says validated but then after refresh says not validated
Page Load Jumping On Every Page
Changes not visible
Salon booking and Cornerstone
El Rey Template not loading
Woocommerce products shown twice using Restaurant theme
Changes To Ethos Renew Magazine Layout
Accordion & Menu Bar Not Working
Insecure url
Allow Super-navigation Bar To Be Absolute / Transparent to Showcase Image
Lightbox image size 2
Staging site not verifying for my license?
Lightbox Issues: Used to work / Not loading images correctly
Advanced Custom Fields PRO + PDF
Cannot put portfolio items in Draft mode
Pro Theme: WPML overwrites translation with content of default language page
Can't access Theme Option in Pro
Space under slider page slide up
Full-width parallax featured post image not displaying for PHP 7.2
Button style like 'contact' in 'Like You Mean It'
Lost Primary Menu on Home page for Desktop & Mobile
Unable to get into Cornerstone pages
Javascript issues causing certain page to not load properly
Error after updating X 8.1.2. / 8.1.1 or 8.1.0
Change content width for smaller screens sizes
How to change the PayPal logo in my woocommerce checkout
Grid element missing after update to version 8.1.5
Change color by mouse-over
Footer template error on loading
Change fonttype - Epic News Element
I can't access cornertsone it says ERROR 500
Cant drag and drop elements
Woocommerce makes my featured image incapable of loading
Single-Product.PHP not being recognized
The Grid Plugin Won't Update
Essential Grid suddenly stopped displaying on pages
Issue with uploading images through Cornerstone
Cornerstone editor not working - generic white page
Default Page Template and or header after switching page builder
Portfolio - Breadcrumb missing on Individual Pages
Content isn't displaying in the footer
Can't find Content Builder to build new page in Pro
X Pro Theme Options loading 3 times
Can't edit some pages in cornerstone since 5.5 upgrade
Congratulations! Your site is validated. Addons are now unlocked
Assign Header To BuddyPress Pages
Links are turning white in live view
Category page on Directories Pro plugin
Content Builder does not match live site - Custom CSS/Saved Presets not displaying
Website homepage looks different while editing and live
Remove Menu Drop Shadow and White Line
WPML + Pro + Cornerstone
URGENT: Windcave plugin issue with PRO THEME
Using <img src=""...> in tabs
Adding an image from Pinterest
Can't access Pro editor
Update Issues & Deprecated Plugins (Themeco + Third Party Extensions)
Posts not showing on page
Fatal Error in class-coalescence.php
Chart JS plugin
Lightbox shortcode not working anymore
Design Cloud problems
Background cuts off
Slow querys
Elements is advertising for x theme, even though I have bought both
Product Filters for WooCommerce not displaying correctly on Category Archive Pages for logged in members
Preview No Longer Working After Installing Multiple Domain Mapping Plugin
Update broke menu & footer
White page when trying to activate license
Sidebar not showing on shop pages
Help with Essential Grid to Vertically Align Nav Buttons in the Middle Please!
Essential Grid not working with Crafty Site
Mobile Menu 'Navigation Collapsed' Sublinks Won't Open
Can't Update Classic Accordion Content After Update
Theme x Pro Header Submenu not working on mobile
Pages disappeared
Pro Slow Menu Editing
WOO Product Table Possible Issue
Page titles not displaying
Hide during breakpoints not working correctly
Error when installing Woo commerce
ACF plugin not shown under plugins, only in dashboard sidebar
Schema error since last update
Missing Parallax
Site validates unlocks then un validates
Cornerstone Not Validating V2.0
Lower Row and footer bumping
After I upgraded X and Cornerstone my blogposts, will not display on Safari
Fonts and colours have changed
No more preview in page builder
Modern Events Calendar not working on certain pages
Problem with 'content area dropdown' and image sizes
After conversion to Pro some pages do not load the WP page edit screen
Critical error - Call to undefined method TGM_Plugin_Activation
Cornerstone license won't validate in site
Fixed header in pro header builder
Woocommerce state and country dropdowns not working in firefox
How to remove background margins and make page full width
Classic column container v2
X theme extensions not working + blog page Integrity
Changing the order of blog posts in essential grid
Need Help for Cornerstone validation
Add Layerslider padding
Rev Slider layouts shifting on their own
Weekly Specials on Bamboo Restaurant Home Page
Pro 4.0 header troubles - can't get it to show up with assigned pages
Filter by topic section on the ethos stacK blog post page not displaying blog posts.t
Woocommerce Tabs Are broken after the recent update
Can't edit text within Cornerstone
My Content Carousel just Disappeared?
Cornerstone problem after migration
5.0.5: No "Edit with Pro" button
Payment Methods Logos missing on Confirmation Page
Void-menu desktop vs. mobile
Classic Social Sharer Bug : apostrophe in Share Title causes errors
Cornerstone and Theme Options redirects to log in screen
Cannot edit the text on my page
DesignCloud not loading
Mobile site links showing homepage
Modern Events Calendar - Images not changing
Google Analytics event tracking not recognizing IDs
No customizations are showing in Mobile Responsive
Text inside div element
Theme option wheel of death
Font updates showing in Pro but not on frontend
Iframe In Pop-Up Modal Is Creating Page Errors
Image word on the screen
Comment box showing up on new post but not old posts
Global CSS not being applied at front end
Slider Revolution and another plug-in not displaying images
X Pro 4 on Chrome OS
Modern event calendar not loading / showing
Hidden Scroll Navigation & Horizontal Sub Menu
Site search
Scroll down button/link
Invisible clickable button shadow problem
Editing Portfolio Item with Pro is missing the item's content
WPBakery Library Templates Don't Work
Issue with translated menu
Content area toggle secondary text line break <br> needed
Navigation Inline Submenu positioning
Update to latest version and header menu disappears
LayerSlider plugin update
Page not found error appearing dispite backend page existing as live
Header assignment breaks every time I upgrade from stability to current version of Pro
Editing Search Results Page
Essential grid not allowing me to save or create
Problems with part of API Key disappearing when connecting Mailchimp
Cannot install demo content and theme CRAFTY using Design Cloud
Can't edit any content since update
Please help - checkout page / ="woocommerce-shipping-totals shipping"
Having trouble with permanent URL and thumbnail
CSS messed up after updating to Theme X 8.04 (and Cornerstone)
Typekit font not working in Essential Grid mobile
I got a square box on each text line, what happened?
Can't install Gym template from Design Cloud
Website messed up
Buttons not dropping below gap
Cannot Validate Pro Theme
Facebook Comment Feed not working in Safari - Loop
How to rebuilt the nav bar from the PRO template 'header - starter: hero' with icons that fill color when hover
Responsive Design by high Resolution and Browser Scaling
Cornerstone does not open
Shopify Buy Buttons not visible on Internet Explorer
My Portfolio has disappeared?
Scroll Effects Delay
Navigation Inline not responsive
Site askew; Google font not working since update
500 Internal Server Error after update
Estimation & Payment Forms - Forcing Payment
Randomly images and cornerstone blocks not loading and functioning
License Not Validating - other post answers not helping
"Raw Content" element supports "Textarea" tag?
Migration problems
Nav Styling became weird after updating
MY site broke and gives an error like php has been taken place(I think) the error was on the following
Both Top Header and Sticky Footer
Top and Bottom Separators
Burger Menu not working
Modern Events Calendar: event view missing location and organizer
Change Portfolio Skin Design
Essential Grid Error: No setting information received
Embedded YouTube Videos not display in published posts
Slider Revolution and another plug-in not displaying images
Updating Plugins Not Working
Using X Pro Header and Page Content is Going Behind Header!
500 Error - Pro Builder
Svg in new elements and builder issue
Website breaking - 500 errors
Invalid_json - X Theme 8.10
Essential Grid: I'm Using Category Filters for a Custom Grid, Can it Display the 'All' Filter as Default and Rearrange the Filter Categories into a Different Order?
Issue with accessing the editor
Home Page Elements Page Won't Save On Agency Template
Website Styling issue
Customising H1 etc tags
WPML Media Translation does not work in pro 4.0.6
Font Mismatch
Dynamic Content in Global Blocks
Video background slow to load on mobile
License NOT Activating After Site Migration
BUG: Base Width & Height - Cannot Select Sizing Item
Looper Consumer Items per page
Fatal error: Soliloquy
Not able to edit page in CORNERSTONE
Update Issues with 5.2.3
Assign a Global Header
Essential grid and Revolution slider not working after latest updates
Dynamic content icon not showing up in button element
Slider below menu on home page
Pro responsivness
Slider Revolution YouTube api could not be loaded. Check and renew SSL error in Chrome
Broken page during edit without saving! Information on SRCset and retina ready images
Particle highlight not showing on live site after update to Pro 4.05
Reassigning licences
Urgent: website down after update
Server side returns showing in WP dashboard
PRO Builder not loading + Speed Issues
Menu changes layout breaking
Menu drop downs stoped working after updating Pro
Search result showing code not content
Failed to save error
Error when trying to create a WC Archive Layout
Pro Theme will not save changes in page builder
Pro Validation not working again
License update
Validation not activating
Cornerstone malfunctions
Two scrollbars
Broken grid in front-end, but not in cornerstone
Pro Headers "Sticky bar" looks unstable!
PRO 4.0.4 builder not loading due to cache plugin JS minify (W3 Total Cache)
Create a Footer breaks the layout and adds a side bar instead
Global Blocks Cornerstone goes grey after making a modification
Page content disappeared and can't insert templates
X-Theme single license validation succeeds... then immediately un-validates
CTA not working after update
Header bar change background color on hover
Pro Theme V4 Not Functioning As It Should
YouTube Videos not showing in Preview mode
Can't add blocks in Cornerstone
Child Page Breaks When Parent Page Has Specific Name - Getting 404 Page
ConvertPlus Loads on Pages it's not a part of
Zoom on parallax
Column display issue
Essential Grid not showing images
What does this mean?
YouTube Videos not showing in Preview mode
Issues with anchor links in one-page navigation (Wordpress 5.6, X-Theme, Ethos)
Maps conflict with events calendar Pro
Video Above Masthead Suddenly Stopped Playing
Anchor Links in menu not working
WPML duplicated pages not working in the Pro Editor
Pro Dynamic Content not working in live site?
X theme CRAFTY
Cornerstone No Longer Functioning Properly
Can't activate X on specified Domain - Says activated and then reloads into "You need to Activate"
Woocommerce pages conerstone not loading - preview error
Woocommerce; How to pick what is shown on the product summary view
Social Share, Plus sign in email
Horizontally align images inside caption boxes
Uh Oh! Failed to Save Error
Menu elements don't wrap
Edit with cornerstone not working
Columns not displaying properly in browser
Select Dropdown Chevron Styling
Not installing sites from cloud design
Majority of element customisation settings appear to have disappeared from panel
Issue with nav
One Pager Navigation on Mobile always shows Links as Selected
Page won't slide very well
Accordions in row behaving weird
Add Link to Icon in Classic Feature List
Formatting problem on smartphone with Contact Form 7 within column
Slider Revolution modal plugin error
Modal links to external page, but it shouldn't
Misplaced element
Unable to verify licence. "Uh oh, we couldn't check if this license was valid."
Error messages when trying to an edit an old Pro site
"copy link" not working in classic video player
My Pro Unlimited licence is not working on a new website
Header and Footer not showing with new xpro version
Remove Sidebar From "Blog Posts" Page
Coding Woocommerce through child-Pro
WPBakery grid builder woocommerce field (price) not showing variation prices
Question to validate code
Retheme website
How to make learndash short codes work with cornerstone
Google Font 400 error
Unlimited license validates then invalidates
Page wont scroll past a certain point when accordions are open
Child theme doesn't work
Layout builder woo commerce templates for check out, my account and cart not loading content
Social Media Icons Showing Empty Squares
Button not opening new tab though it is set to
Embedded video on mobile and tablet doesn't show after update to x pro 4.0.6
Featured Image Not Showing on Facebook
Switch to pro for header nothing works now
Validation Code issue constantly revalidating
Slider Auto missing
Active Menu with permanently Particle (underline)
Cornerstone code not recognized on some pages
Accidentally deleted Soliloquy - Now fatal error
Pull down menus stopped working
Essential grid and Revolution slider not working after latest updates
Unable to turn off slider on Home page
Design Cloud - Like you mean it header
Rev Slider Full Screen Not Working
Anchor Links not working on client site
Cornerstone not loading on web browser
Space Under Nav Bar
Cornerstone could not be activated
The Grid "no content found" after updating
Slow initial load if unused for a few hours
The Grid compatibility and rss issues
Change font body copy and heading
Pro > Custom Header > Split Menu (Logo not centered for certain responsive screen sizes)
Updates not appearing in private browser
Featured image size on difference device sizes?
Pagination not working on category archive
Background Video Doesnt play on IOS
Header flickers on scroll in Chrome
Page is not saving after updating content using Theme Pro Editor
E & P Form Builder
Taxonomies are not showing up in sidebar
Cornerstone not loading on website
Custom font doesn't show after import on new URL
Header Text Not Wrapping / Flowing to Next Line
Footer translation error with WPML
Scrolling issue iframe in modal
Remove red highlight on images in X Theme Pro?
Dreaded "429" Error
Old articles doesn't work
How to add widget in Footer on specific pages?
Extra spacing around Alert shortcodes after latest update
Classic Feature List animation glitch
MEC: Thank You Page Interval
Not all Portfolio photos are shwoing
WooCommerce Stripe card icons now full width after updating
Add Creative Columns 5 Content to website
Break long menus to new line in X-Pro Footer Menu
Assigning archive layout to homepage
Upgrade to Pro 4.2.3 can no longer edit
Cannot install premium assets
Typography issue - menu, footer widgets & breadcrumbs
Delete Layout from backend
Margin/ padding on mobile
Font Type override
Unable to input purchase code
Cornerstone Error with manual translation with Polylang
Critical Error on my website
Staging site - content not displaying after pulling from production
Error after update in staging
Pages not scrolling on mobile
Cornerstone plugin: Critical Error on Theme/Plugin update 2
Updated Pro and now page edits don't save to front end
Site not loading from Design Cloud
Button link problem
Contact Form 7 can't be saved – redirects to 404 instead
Cornerstone Page Edit mode not showing elements
Cornerstone Media Library Image Upload Issue
ACF Time Picker
Dynamic Content "Term" not working to show category on each post in search results
Woocommerce single product page information tabs background customisation
Design Cloud - cannot find header rhythm in motion
Cornerstone editor not loading, wheel spinning
Sidebar error
Headers in Posts page
Format theme and elements visible in Cornerstone, but not on preview or live site on mobile devices
How to use custom font
Checkout Spinner Not Loading Correctly
The submenu on mobile is always open!
Page styling not displaying properly
Spotlight - Social Media Feed plugin conflicts
Video Source Missing on Blog
Unable to edit footers in Theme Options
Convert single layout to archive layout
Validation bug
Content area modal closing on interaction
Full page background image renew stack
License Issue on Site
Everything in PRO builder is getting copied again outside of to erase?
Creative Call to Action Stopped Working after Latest Update
Eclipses Demo Failed to Finish Importing
Blog page build
The Preview Could Not Load Alert
"Oops, Slider Not Found" Error
Header and footer are not showing on frontend
Uh Oh Failed To Save Error after any page changes
Dynamic meta key
Remove template pages from content navigator
Can't add link in text editor
Cornerstone Fatal Error as a new web
Content shift in Cornerstone Editor 5.2
Remove template pages from content navigator
Pro Theme License Won't Stay Validated
Template Not Uploading
How Do I Add A Shortcode?
CTA Interactive content using Pro
Phone number mandatory in Email Forms?
I need help
ARIA attributes do not match their roles on Canvas Toggle
Error in sidebars when wpml is activated
Updated to 8.2.3 now WP Bakery editor doesn't work
My site changes its sizing on mobile
Page element not displaying 4-digit values at Frontend
Icons not showing on Windows
WCAG Compliance Issue With X Theme's Canvas Element
Just Installed Theme - Error Message Re: Cornerstone Plugin
Image cover the whole front
Linking Modal to Column Issue
Tax_query failing on Pro Theme v4.2.3
Uh oh failed to save error on site
Pro Editor not loading - white screen
Function setting problem
Videos not autoplaying after update
Unable to change background color on header
Can't make a topbar visible above the main header menu
Need help site is not loading once attempting to edit page in pro
Website completely white except header after update
Uh Oh error on cloned/staging site
Error when moving classic image element since update
Cornstone Issue
Flexslider does not load pictures when tab is initially hidden
Videos Not Working
Columnize Template not appearing in available templates
Modern Calendar stopped working
Page unable to save - 'oh oh! Failed to Save.' and licence code not valid
Navigation dots and text don't line upp. HELP!
PRO Editor do not load - Too many redirects
RESULT_CODE_HUNG while search for element
Background upper layer not displaying on iPhone
Cornerstone error on new wp instance (CAN’T ACTIVATR$
Navigation Collapsed "Off Canvas Close Button" is Suddenly Massive after the latest update
Custom font not working - Font Manager not previewing, .ttf file unacceptable
Essential Grid multiple filter dropdown not working
Align icons in footer
I can't edit my pages with Cornerstone any more
Revolution Slider update + icon not working
Cornerstone not saving and getting logged out
Using Column Gaps as dividers, assistance with Product Index Layout
Modern Events Calendar Problems
Inline Styling forced into Header
WPML Transalted pages are not showing correctly
Default page/post layout?
Pro theme is not able to save pages when editing
Scroll anchor shifts on page load
Headers, Footer, Global Blocks missing from admin
Video not chowing up on my blog but well in blog editor
Icons don't display
Event Espresso Breaking Masonry Grid Blog
Failed to install Auto when importing demo content/site
The Grid shortcode not working
Preview Cannot Load due to PHP?
Parallax Settings in X-Pro
Global blocks not workable
The Stuggle is Real with the new updates
Formatting template gone in other language
Console error product gallery
Product Pagination on product archive layout goes to new page, but repeats same products
Anchor links does not work
Design Cloud: site- Auto
ConvertPlus deleting problem
Page crashes when The grid and Cornerstone are activated at the same time
Output not displayed by layout when entering the page editor
Pro Builder Keeps Redirecting To WP Login Page
Menu Navbar assistance
Customise Search Results page using loopers
Double sound and Autoplay issue on YouTube Video using Content Area Model
Rev Slider Not Showing in Looper
Child Theme--Wordpress thinks Pro is not installed
Where to add mailchimp popup code on Crafty site?
My portfolio is completing missing after recent updates
Why isn't my site locked in horizontally? It slides side to side when you scroll
Mobile issues for menu and images
Content Area Off canvas broke after updating Pro
Z-Index with for Global Block Modal
I need help removing awkward gaps please
Shortcode is not working
Problem with installing Cornerstone
Licene code not working
Cornerstone - Pages not loading
Site broken - all updates installed
Uh Oh message page builder
LayerSlider Element not showing up
Problems updating a page
Struggling to edit Looper Posts
Parent Navigation Not Working Even Though It is Set to Indicator
Dark Mode Not Working
Theme fatal error regarding Cornerstone_Header when trying to sync from live site to staging site
Problem with AMP and Customize
Sections not lining up properly with "one page" style links
Images still not loading from media library
Theme Crashes
Envira Links Stopped Working
Buttons not universally updating in woocommerce shop settings
Icon not working on revolution slider
Adjust Margin Top of text Responsive Design
Recent posts issue: additional permalinks created
Spacing Issues in Pricing Table with Pro
My site won't validate
Grid in Slider mode?
Gravity Form Right Column First Child CSS Issue
Theme editor flips to cornerstone and it's driving me nuts!
Unable to Edit Content in Cornerstone for Pro Theme - Inspect Element and Theme Options Blank in Page Editor
Nothing in section background advanced mode works
Broken styling on front end
WooCommerce Product Element section and ACF Section display issues
Validation Problem - License Key "won't sick"
Spinning after update
Debugging after backup import
Add link to Image in Cornerstone 5+
Failed to import demo content
V4 upgrade breaks Cornerstone shortcodes
Reveal/Hide Pro Header based on WooCommerce Membership
Some of the page are not displayed
Footer on Mobile Converging on Body
Contact form 7 long delay after submitting
Lightbox Galleries
Footer shows up on right hand side of page
Unable to create a new section since update
Pro editor buttons not displaying properly
Mobile menu fix
Showing all Pages in certain category
Pro: Navigation modal not showing under 480px screens
Woocommerce product category text size
Section Overlap One on Top
Bold showing on cornerstone but not on live site
Theme X is not working after actualization
Responsive widget
Videos not working on site (anywhere)
Loosing some styles in mobile
Video Embeds not working, theme up to date
Thrive Quiz Builder Top Scroll Question
My css for the added to cart alert is not working since the most recent update - can you help?
Move footer
Creative CTA - background image size
Cannot reassign my x theme license
Header & Menu Not Displaying Properly on Mobile Devices
Blog Masonry Not Appearing
Header Assignments
Cornerstone - iframe response error
The header changes won't show
Deinstalling wordpress/pro: Your code is valid but looks like it has already been used on another site. You can revoke and re-assign within your Themeco account
Crafty demo site bug
Navigation Dropdown Menu - new bug
Mobile Menu not working following update
Modal toggle background image responsive
Changing front back background picture with "church" demo
Cornerstone not working please help
Changing the hyperlink font colour, base, interaction and underline links
Post not showing on Mobile
Is X Theme double tracking my Google Analytics?
Question about blog posts (regarding typography & tags)
Homepage looks correct on backend but not on frontend
Follow up on closed topic with no resolution
Indicate whether to send a cookie in a cross-site request by specifying its SameSite attribute
Navigation Dropdown for long menus
Google Fonts stopped working
Essential Grid: Custom meta field not displaying when editing Custom element
Theme Options missing for X after Cornerstone update
Chruch Demo
Clean install Pro license
Cornerstone displaying older content than what is on the page
Archive Layout does not show "Find a Template"
Revolution slider not showing + layout corrupted
Enable Dynamic Content
Cannot see the entry for my serial number
Convert Plus: modul popup html field empty after saving
Pro Header not showing up on a specific post
Subsequent pages not showing on blog
Pro (Unlimited) License Validation Issue on subdomain
Linking an Image Not an Option for Image Element
Back end of Pro does not match front end
Mobile Header woocommerce H1 text change
Ensure text remains visible during webfont load - revisited
Rev Slider Vimeo Background Disappears When Clicking Away from Tab
Cannot edit site. Can't Open cornerstone Opens to old 'presence builder' website
Mal Funcionamiento del Editor Cornerstone
X Theme site will not load (only BG color appears in browser), cornerstone does not work
Weird Lines Displayed on Curved Sections
I can't get Cornerstone to load
Hide if content is empty
Preview Size setting doesn't match grid breakpoint
Flexbox Shrinks Widget
Posts with no meta tags not showing up in Essential Grid
X Theme - Can't install Site Template from the Design Cloud -
Site not recognizing Pro Unlimited validation
Screen size issue on Mobile Breakpoint Small
Cornerstone toolbar buttons icons hidden for only the LIVE site /https
404 Pages When Trying to Edit with Pro
Blog Image Link
CSS Not Loading Correctly on Homepage
Envira video add on not working
Mobile scroll on front page
Pro 4.1.5 continuous spinning loader on WordPress 5.6.2
Problems Saving my Pages
Video player issue - play icon in centre isn't clickable
Envira Gallery not previewing properly
Layout builder and ancestor links
Can't validate theme(video included)
Blog (Masonry style) is not working properly
Issue uploading Media
Under construction page not working 2021
Pro Validation not working also
Classic Slider doesn't render slides
Website not working after updating cornerstone
Pro v4.2.3 - custom page template in child not showing
Keeping Getting Logged Out
E&P Form Builder does not work after its update on 15/05/2021
Anchor tag not working in Safari
Convert Plus reCaptcha on Form
Hotjar tracking code on pages
Issue with element row
Button Formatting Not Working
Home page doesn't loading
Hiding an ACF Repeater if empty in a Grid cell layout
The Cornerstone editor loads but does not allow you to view the changes
Pro theme is not working again
License Not Validating on Multisite Instance
Menu dropdown image
Cornerstone not loading February 25
Missing Button Until Hover On Live Site - Shown/Configured Correctly in Editor
Featured Blog on Home Page
Unable to edit Primary Menu
Mobile navi menu doesn't open
Aligning one element to the right in a column that's aligned left
Content area modal disappears on click
How do Pagination elements work for the Portfolio pages?
Sticky menu is "stuck" in middle of page
Validation Problem - Shows as 'validated ' but doesn't stay that way
Header and absolute position
Cornerstone & WP Engine - unable to edit/change anything
My cornerstone won't open anymore
Classic slider with global blocks not showing
PHP Warning per
CLS Issues/cornerstone
Color settings of scrolling buttons not working with preset colors
Click to WhatsApp, Text and Telegram
How to stretch grid
Site looked great then randomly broke
Theme-originated login cache loop bug for IDX plugin
Accordion items opened on click
Latest theme and cornerstone update breaks some of my wpml translated pages
"This Element failed to render" after latest theme update
Google Rock Salt Font not working as a headline?
Unable to Upgrade X past version 7.2.3
Headline/Subhealine on the same line
Page only loads on refresh
Slider Revolution file not found after deleting old (inactive) Revolution Slider plugin
Apply New License to Existing Install
WooCommerce Add to Basket for Variations products and also Product Type conditional not working
Website design is suddenly all out of wack
Cornerstone update broke pages that utilize cornerstone
Menu not showing on homepage
Cannot see the entry for my serial number
Menu not mobile friendly
Revolution Slider not working youtube video backgrounf
Conditions based on UTM parameters not working
I am continually being forced validate my pro license
My site won't validate
How to reposition entry-wrap div?
My site won't validate
Background image on Ethos only showing on Safari
Yoast identifies links on some pages but not others
Even after updating plugins, Pro, WP & PHP to 7.4, I'm now getting "There has been a critical error on this website."
Envira Gallery stopped working, adds /envira/? in URL string
Essential grid: all the grids dissapeared
Mobile Menu being cut off
Under Construction Plugin Not Working. Goes To Front 404 Page with no setting saved
X-Theme: How to Remove Blog Header "The Blog, Welcome to Our..."
How to put an Element on top of another one?
Inline Email Form
Using The Grid with dynamic content for nested portfolios
Logo has changed on mobile but not on web
Updated to latest version (4.1.5) of Pro and .webp support dropped?
Pro footer not responsive on mobile
Pro Theme Editor Keeps Hanging
I Have a problem with the footer
Pro Header not Working on The Events Calendar Page
Slow loading of 1. slide od Sliders revolution
Renew Bands Portfolio Page: Video Source Missing
Unable to activate Cornerstone
CSS of content gets dropped updating from WP 5.7.2 to 5.8 and Pro 4.2.3 to Pro 4.3.3
Accordion not working in Cornerstone
Cornerstone not displayed/opening
Woocommerce product show text including tax
Cornerstone options are missing
Contact Form 7 Yellow Bar Goes Away but Reappears
::Before element causing CLS issue
9.04 Breaks Theme
Modal not showing content when dynamic rendering is checked
Validation problem Lindhs
Pro Header Builder - Issues with Shrink on Sticky Bar!
Trying to get a similar layout to the Studio Gold template
Portfolio was broken after last update AGAIN
Footer Not loading when assigned
Essential Grid: Row height and Filter Button
Difference between spacing for public vs. logged in user
Dynamic post categories
X Theme Code showing at random places
Footer appears on the side
Pro Theme Header Logo shrink on scroll removing clickable URL
Modal containing a form closes on form submit before the success message loads
Site looks horrible on mobile
Is there a way to crate next/ prev button for group of pages (for example current children)
Content Area Modal Element failed to render - Cannot edit element
Estimated and Payment form - design issue
Soliloquy slideshow still not showing up
PRO: Contact Form 7 error (not submitting)
Posts element date range
Cannot update to Cornerstone 8.3 - Fatal Error
Error on code - perhaps it could be the theme? please help
How can I edit translated pages in x-pro with wpml? Settings in Backend? String settings?
Blog Headline Not Displaying (Pro)
Lines missing from my Pro 4.3.3 sidebar
Blog page looks crazy
Problem after updating PRO
Button size
Post pagination
Manual meta description not working
Website crashed following Cornerstone update
Javascript Forms not showing up on mobile
Cornerstone editor not recognizing Cornerstone pages
Frontend looks good, backend ask how I would like to start
Where are the <p> tags coming from
Html in Post Pagination element not rendering
Resize image based off screen size
Search option is wacky
Estimation and Payment form cannot display the add item to steps
Cornerstone does not load -
Website displaying code instead of content
Cannot Edit with Pro 4.2.3
Content from Shortcodes not showing correctly
Vimeo Video not displaying
Custom font doesn't render
Cornerstone Support
Cornerstone not showing in the back end, front online is ok
Grafich icon not show
Cornerstone Fatal Error 106
Column content shrinkage
CSS ID being replaced with text of tag
Click to WhatsApp, Text and Telegram
Dropdown Content
App Demo Home Page Content Can't be Replicated
Square payment plugin conflict?
Cornerstone when updated: Fatal error:105
URGENT site crashed after update
The Recent Updates Have Broken My IDX Search Page
Remove sitebar for one side to get full width
Certain page content not showing
Mini-cart looks normal on front page, but different on others
Layout Assignment does not work
Mobile Display Issue
Page Specfic Footer not being honored
Margin with Columns
Website "hangs" when scrolling
Short Code Smushed!
Content and gloabal blocks are missing
Can I increase the width of the header (logo and menu items) without increasing the width of the site?
Font-weight being overwritten by
How to change images in Better Faster Stronger?
Fatal Error after updating Cornerstone/Theme
Please help, The Grid plugin don't show the first picture of my post
Page with change since theme update
Material icons not rendering
Ilightbox echo in firefox
Home page is built in cornerstone but says it is no longer here on website
Looper Provider Query String
Problem with image showing up
Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response
X theme validation code not working
Can't Find Fonts Google Page Speed is Complaining About
Fixed parallax not working on mobile/ipad
These themes failed to update: - Pro (from version 4.1.5 to 4.3.3)
Woo Checkout Editor Fields Flash Correctly, Then Change
X-theme and cornerstone left right-in effect location
Menus not working on Mobile
Global blocks break between 4.2.3 and 5.2.3
Search page result
Add portfolio items to sidebar on Renew stack portfolio page
Pinterest share button social element - "Cannot fetch image" error
Youtube Lighbox inside the Creative Columns 4
Lisence is not registering
ACF fields on Archive Layouts assigned to Taxonomies not showing?
Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response. Revolution Slider plugin conflict
Specific page and Children Looper
Fatal error after Cornerstone update - can't access WP dashboard
Fatal Error on my website My Sardinia Holidays
Templates + multisite active
Essential grid stream from youtube doesn't show any controls
Theme Options missing for X after Cornerstone update
Wordpress won't accept / validate license - I can prove my license
Blog Pages Showing Same 9 Posts
Updating my site and need help with blending images as per copy in dropbox link
X Logo in admin bar
Blog showing same 3 blog posts
Menu and Submenu for Desktop and Mobile
iPad Pro Drop Down Menu does not working
Problem with my header while scrolling
Issues with Demo Site - Cloud
Site Background Has Dark Tint Even Though Background Color Set to White in Theme Options
Change WooCommerce button
SUPERFLY question
Can't create new grids or clone existing
How to Remove Archive Widget from Side of Page
GetResponse & ConvertPlus
Staging validation issue
New Update Causing Footer Issue When Slider Revolution Is Utilized
X theme lighbox gallery issue
Rev Slider comes up left-justified until window resized
Revolution Slider not showing up on mobile - checked toggle and checked for plugin conflicts
Footer adding space
I can't upload custom fonts file types TTF or EOT
Top menu link not working on ipad pro or mobile
Layout limits?
Cannot Save Pages
Portfolio gallery not showing
How to globally change a hoover text in a looper elements?
Unable to add elements using Pro
Wordpress won't accept / validate license - I can prove my license
Tab element interaction bg-color not working
Template will install images, but not “page portion” of template
Design Cloud asking for login details/ now giving 401 unauthorized
Ethos.css loading twice and one has unused script in there
X Theme Integrity- old content prior to cornerstone to more up to date methods
Cornerstone plugin: Critical Error on Theme/Plugin update
Cornerstone not accepting purchase code
Feature list alignment
No preview when editing with Pro
Uh-OH, failed to save error just on the home page
Image setup for responsive headers in pro
Modal: Clicking it Hides the Scrollbar, causing a Layout shift
Cannot update to Cornerstone 8.3 - Fatal Error
Help! Problem after Cornerstone was updated
Pro Editor not loading - stuck spinning (and I've tried a lot of troubleshooting suggestions)
Pro stuck in a loop while editing Layout
Icon hover details are not editable
We are getting fatal error in a theme file
Buddypress can't comment on Pro themes
Button vanished
Why is my Terms of Service not showing up?
Pro v4.2.3 - The preview could not load due to the iFrame response being incomplete
Pro Unlimited License says it is validated but doesn't act like it
Layout Single: Show 2 posts from the same category
Problems with Sticky bar
Woocommerce shop/cart rensposive text overlapping
Unable to install website templates
Can't save after editing a page
Styling changed on site afterTheme Update
Child theme CPT templates no longer work
Conditional Header Sidebar Query
Internal links not working on first click
Problems with Revolution Slider after updating it this morning
Fundley Widget not saving on post pages
ThemeCo X Auto Theme Documentation?
Font Loading Error
Can't change typography on navbar
Cannot Save Pages
Header error issues
Validation not working properly
Plugin Conflict / Aggressive Page Cacheing Error
Cannot Save Pages
Mobile search not working in android
Buttons are not displayed on Live site
Fatal error after updating Pro
Problems with content cornerstone
Woocommerce Currency Converter and dynamic fields
X blog background transparency issue
Shortcode Content showing in Backend but not on Frontend
Accordion Global Block Buttons Not Working
Fatal Error on Cornerstone Update
Correct Image Size Using Classic Slider
Woocommerce Category Layout Issues
Giant Text on Homepage after Pro Updates
Beta 1: Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: using it on Local environment (installation)
Help please with adding nav buttons and global block to the end of a post!
Plugin that creates JS script not working on Pro pages
Changing Blog Breadcrumbs
Pro Editor not loading (spins)
Different headers for different blog categories
Remove H1 Tag from Subscribe Form
Cornerstone critical error after install
Post-list wont display older posts
Remove white space between body and footer renew stack
Internal links not working on first click
Pagination for Portfolio Posts not working in custom layout?
Exclusive Shop index layout, different category layouts?
Validation Successful but still requesting validation
X theme acting strangely on one specific instalation
"No preview area found"
Iframe response being incomplete?
All anchor links stopped working
Unable to Remove Demo Content X Pro
Off canvas area suddenly closes when try to fill a form
Custom Layout with Assigned Sidebar
Slider and portfolio not working after update to WP 5.6.1
Buttons not appearing after updating Cornerstone theme
Woo Commerce
Flat: Accordion items opening/closing
Ethos - Logo in sticky bar
Using Post Pagination on a Content Page
Different fixed width layout
Logo no longer appears on site
Classic Slider not showing
What's the best practice for full width images on pages / posts?
Templates improperly formatted, do not upload properly
Two rows indented for no reason
Full width row background color on a section of a page
Slider Revolution Update – Big Error on one page
License says in use but its for the same URL and wont validate?
No Content in Cornerstone
Error installing template from Design Cloud
How to span image across page in Pro
Hyperlinks are not working on Android Mobile
LayerSlider no longer works
Issue with Cornerstone after migrating to root directory
Countdown has wrong time on mobile devices
Hamburger Icon Not Working on Android Devices
Essential grid animation
Gravity Form message "This element could not register due to invalid mark up
Child theme and change theme
Templates Broken
Update X from 6.5.6 to 7,1,2
Gravity Form causes Problems with new X Theme update
Revolution slider not showing correctly in X
Unable to use Cornerstone and pics also not showing up
Blog Page excerpt
Trouble with Element API
Top menu not working on mobile or ipad
Post Archive by month
What Is Causing THIS?
X - WPML switcher in logobar
Layer Slider upgrade
Style.css missing
Off Canvas Button Not Showing Text
Validation code again
Youtube video on Slider Revolution
Convert Plus Problem or Repair
Text displaying in two columns instead of one
Can't install anything in Design Cloud - Pro
Demo Alligment
Pop up Newsletter
Theme won't update
Pro Not Functioning
Cornerstone not working after domain switch
Site Broken - [an error occurred while processing this directive]
Unable to customize theme due to error
Anchor links jumping instead of scrolling
Problem after updating - HopeStory
TCO_Coalescence crash
Columns look like rows
Cornerstone continues in a loop
Slider Revolution Fatal Error
Revolution Slider Errors in IE11
Website wont display post text
Navigation inline doesn't work
Map Marker Moving When Zooming
Problem with Product Table Content template from Design Cloud
E & P form, need help with math :)
Convert Plus plugin causing issues
Snippet Error
Starter Pack Missing
Uh oh! Failed to Save Content
Content Modal Not Working
Change the colour of the border in a specific button
The grid - Instagram doubts
Section on published page Higher than in Pro builder - can't find a reason
Mobile menu has a continuous display
Rev Slider - Issues since update
WooCommerce Bookings Conflict with Cornerstone
Button text wrap problem in nav
Undocked panel needs a bit of Padding
YouTube Lightbox Not Working Anymore - I can see the iFrame but it's not visble
Worspace sidebar is not working properly in RTL website
Hover Box Not Working
Blog font size setting
Classic card element doesn't work
Hover line on navbar buttons
CTA and Social Images missing after WP and X Theme update
Header Builder Sticky Bar Issue in Edge Browser
Footer strange behavior
Unable to Change Content Area Modal Toggle from Icon to Text
Conerstone not working part 2
B and B Image Grid bug
Google analytics html is visible in footer
The Grid Instagram Issues
Accordion spacing problem
Full height background color
After Wordpress Update, a warning is shown on the sites with pro child Theme
Cornerstone Plugin fatal error
MEC calendar search bar modification
I purchased 4 different licences for X but only 2 show up in my products
Getting error while installing SuperFly
Add code to header for image
Agency Installation failure
No "Edit with Cornerstone" button on edit page site
Social icons not showing up on pro
Background Images in Section seem to have lost functionatlites
Ubermenu - No layout grid option
Having an issue with Pro Loading
Can't locate background image
Social media icons not clickable
Cornerstone element preventing my from saving my front page
MailChimp Integration with ConvertPlus
Template upload error
Counter prefix in line text
X-menu.js error - Updated Thread Please
Cannot Access Header or Footer
Admin Bar not Visible
Slide-in module for Convert Plus no longer working
PHP Notices:
Cornerstone not validating and not working
Critical site error and can't view dashboard
MailPoet Premium plugin is incompatible with the free MailPoet plugin
Strange snapping issue with sticky menu bar
Missing Licenses in Account
Woocommerce page title and intro text
Format theme and elements visible in Cornerstone, but not on preview or live site
Update aligned some images to the left, problem doesn't show up in Cornerstone
Additional Details
MEC Stopped working please help Urgent
Global Header to Original Header
Design Clud does not launch
Sidebar width only on blog page
Cornerstone doesn't work - spinning wheel
Section issues in creating multiple columns
UPDATE: WooCommerce Cart Module Shows Currency as $ instead of £ when empty
Section issues in creating multiple columns
Theme format and elements visible on backend / cornerstone, but not on preview or live site
Fatal Error with Layout System
WooCommerce Category Pages are Showing Full Product Page Instead of Grid of Products
Slider revolution not working after update to 6.1
AJAX Errors Trying to Install Bed and Breakfast Site from Design Cloud
CPT not editable with PRO
Big issues with responsive scaling across devices
Design Cloud is not loading on fresh install
The Grid and Essential Grid not displaying
Can update theme options - plugin conflict or aggressive cacheing
Copy shifts to the right on mobile
Dropdown menu not showing itself in certain browsers/operating systems
Cannot access any "X" options
Help on Lawyer Demo site
Weird formatting on author shortcode
Demo Lawyer logo position
Image Sizing Problem
Cornerstone disappeared
Cannot edit posts in Cornerstone (spinning wheel)
"Uh oh, failed to save"
Rows not splitting into columns
Cornerstone: Rotating Circle, never loads
Why is my Terms of Service not showing up?
Can't find this option in superfly
How to increase the top margin for page/post titles
Setup(migrate) license to new URL
Remove margin below layerslider
Cornerstone page loads vey slowly in Firefox
Woocommerce product page bug
Can't Revoke and Reassign License
Woocommerce is not working
Menu sandwich on mobile not working
Cornerstone will not load on site; unable to edit any pages
X Theme Admin Options Page 404 Errors
Leave a Comment link
Leave a Comment link
Youtube Stream playing without sound
Page not saving - failed to save during edit
Demo Content Fails to upload
Pro Footer Issue with WooCommerce
Edit osborne optics header
Burger/Mobile menu not closing
Revolution slider position on IE
Post Video Format Breaking my website
MEC support on webnus?
Content being hidden behind header
Post data appearing to the right
Could not establish connection. Please help
Essential Grid all of a sudden not showing pictures anymore
Element CSS option
Unable to edit certain pages using PRO
Error when attempting to validate X Theme
CSS disappears when building a new page
Php error on pro conversion
Troubles with Essential Grid
Drop down menu not working on mobile since update
Delete white space after footer widget
Unwanted Space above section where menu used to be
Nav and footer bars disappeared, logo overblown, and font styling changed after new Word Press update HELP!
WooCommerce Cart Module Shows Currency as $ instead of £ when empty
Problems installing X demos
Preview not showing up in header editor
Revolution slider is showing as unregistered
Cornerstone doesn't load and keeps spinning
Problem with Cornerstone when changing Homepage
Uh oh content failed to save with a shortcode doesn't save!
Again having Space Issues With X theme
Pro header is broken
Keep rolling + related post and logo images are broken
Flip card whole picture
Edit page from cornerstone Pro theme errors
Theme function error
Header on Pages
Cornerstone Problem After Update - Latest Blog Post Not Showing
Internet explorer breaks my homepage
Issues with blog page
Theme X Pro won't update
Comments Missing On Imported Blog Posts
Icons gone after update to 7.1.1, and could not login to WP admin panel
Ethos Footer Blank
New internal page links are redirecting to old page
I updated one of my sites and now all of the background pictures disappeared?
Woo commerce pricing and shipping not appearing
Page refresh and clearing cache
Validation of Theme X "Fix" stuck on "verifying license"
Can no longer preview in editor
Add custom field for link to Essential Grid
Custom URL Slug is not working after restore
X 7.1 + lastest Cornerstone = new pages are blank
Tabs not showing on site or in cornerstone edit
Excerpts showing double titles
Put a clickable number in the topbar x theme
Display issue
URL issue and 404 error
Text will not stay centered
Lightbox- formatting is too large and off-center after update
Visual composer broken
Cornerstone/Xtheme: Buttons and banner background images dissappeared
Unable to launch Pro / Cornerstone or save Settings
Modern Events Calendar 4.7.7 events now missing
Updated X Theme from 4 -> 7, Cornerstone 1 -> 4. Lots of site broken
Removing blog post title from single post
Revolution slider video not visible in google chrome v78
Red Background appears behind Centered Logo in Mobile View
Essential Grid not working with Pro footer
Site appears broken
Portfolio Categories Issue
Only code on Home page
Parallax white empty spaces
Cornerstone stopped working in Chrome / Mac
Revolution Slider - AJAX Error ParseError - X Theme
Hmm not working
E&P icons not displaying
Mobile transparant navbar
Problem with one page scroll on Chrome (desktop)
Convert Plus Not working on site
Column and Image Height Adjustment
Activation code problem
Ethos filterable index not working as expected
Horizontal align column and make 100% vh size
Licensing and multisite
Make section and header fill window
Notice: Undefined variable: _view_data in /var/www/web29766228/html/wp-content/plugins/cornerstone/includes/views/partials/anchor.php on line 111
Mobile menu on new site not working (still not fixed)
Cornerstone slowing down TTFB and initial page waiting time
Revolution Slider - AJAX Error ParseError - X Theme
Slider Revolution 6.1.3 Upgrade issues
Cannot validate purchase of X theme with API key
Cannot Launch Header and Footer Editor
Classic Accordions won't open
Cornerstone/editor stuck on loading
Update issues - Custom Menu
Image Hove is not work in IE - I have problems with the card element
Cornerstone stopped working in Chrome / Mac
No cornerstone plugin
How can import a new font family to XTheme
Problem with licenses of plugins
Problem on Woocommerce page
Global Blocks preview
Yoast SEO Plugin not showing readability score for posts
Header Image Doesn't Fit the Page
Unable to Edit Website - IFrame Response Incomplete
Advanced Custom Field Makes Edit Page Go Blank on Custom Post Type
Nothing happens when clicked on Design Cloud site template
"Share this" and "Customise buttons" on Portfolio looper excerpt
Can't validate X, enter code and get blank screen
Plugin conflict: Rev slider will not function when Essential Grid is enabled
Add advanced video controls to videos in video post type
Do I have to roll back WooCommerce to get product reviews to show up?
Comments on posts went missing
Something is funky with my google analytics
Background slideshow from Homepage showing on all pages
Massive problems in graphical interface
Classic Google Map blank
WooCommerce Shop Page displaying weird
Unable to activate advanced mode fetures
Footer issue with different browsers
No access to theme option - x theme
Can't Edit Cornerstone - iFrame response incomplete
Masonry Display for Archive Loading Posts on top of Each Other
Search Button Not working properly after update
How can I remove the top and side margins (or padding) on the homepage?
Validate License help
I click on session X and it looks like this error
Updated X theme and Cornerstone, now cornerstone isn't working
Align Row element to bottom of column
Cornerstone wont load. Lopping logo animation
Glitches in PRO 4.0
Can't get my Header to show on the proper page
Revert to previous version of Pro
Cornerstone not loading content on right
Aligning Ubermenu with x-Theme Icon
Errors appears on site
PRO: Graphic icon, can I center it with text?
Icons not showing on page, do show when using the editor
Vimeo video won't appear full
Slider Revolution not showing on the desired page
Pro Menu not changing fonts
Upgraded from X to Pro and broke my site
Dynamic post minimal
Icons in cornerstone editor disappeared after update
Theme X Pro Updates Issue
Issue with Gravity Forms Signature Addon & Pro
Failed install site on Design Cloud
Errors and problems since the latest update to version
Map Won't Display
How do I get the layout from design cloud exactly the same to a page in my website
Mobile Header Sticky Not Sticking & Nav Not Appearing
Footer in X theme
Uber menu broken on update
Tried to fix 'The preview could not load. This is most often related to a plugin conflict or aggressive page cacheing. Checking the developer console for errors could indicate what went wrong
Unable to validate license for christina
Permissions Options Missing Under Settings
Mobile Accordion Display Issues After Last Update
Problem with Internet Explorer
Validation question
License validation not validate
Featured image in cornerstone
Page Not The Same As In Customize
Shortcodes inside Content Areas breaking after recent wordpress/pro updates
Fatal error: Cannot declare class TCO_Coalescence, because the name is already in use in
Updated from X to Pro - Whole site 500 error
Column Layout Not Working After Cornerstone Update
Small circle appears in UberMenu after enabling AliDropship Currency Switcher
Stacks in X theme
Raw html blocks not editable after saving
Conflict between Superfly and Slider Revolution
Update of Cornerstone - problems on website
Update broke my site
Problems to update Theme PRO
Preview could not load in Cornerstone 4.0
Column fade animations not working
All my photos are gone, please help! (Reason- Problem Escalated)
Setting blog color of header on Integrity Band theme
Text not showing on buttons or sub menus
Side Bar Error
I can't access pro builders
Adding Javascript for Logged In Only
Cornerstone taken over by WP Bakery
X theme cycling to Launch screen
Blog layout shows squashed columns and large space on larger screens
Cornerstone not loading - no error message
Preview not showing in corrnerstone
Breadcrumbs Font Size
Editing Dynamic Checkout Fields
Checkout page header will not preview but works across all other pages
Cornerston doesent work on som pages?
Portfolio pages disappeared. We're guessing this happened after an upgrade
Mobiel menu button not working
Beginner needs Help
How do i know wich xtheme licences are active and were? I have 4 registered sites (themco) and own 8 Licenses ( Envato)
Link on image element of x theme
Problem with website
Slider Rev images not showing on iOS mobile
6.5.6 issue
Can't activate child theme bug in Theme X
Revolution slider text not appearing correct on desktop
Can't get Portfolio Working Properly
The grid feature image
Revolution slider not edit settings
Text elements rejected
Code in function.php
Under construction social icons are not working
Cornerstone and Polylang problem
Import templates not working
Archive Blogs on Sidebar
E & P Form Builder not loading
Mobile CSS Weirdness HELP!
Widget not showing
Theme conflicting with Adsense?
Live site not showing changes I have made
Theme option not working on server domain
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Slider Revolution Vimeo Bad Quality
"Under Construction" plugin: no show icon
Featured image won't hide on single posts
"Under Construction" plugin: no show icon
How do i remove bullets?
Installed Crafty Template does not appear on website
Modern Events IE Issue
Menus & Elements not working after updating to newest version of Wordpress
Mobile menu and backend is not working
Icons doesn't showing
JS Editor missing in Cornerstone
Dynamic Content - Query post taxonomies
Modal or canvas area are not showing the child content editor
Posts in a Page
Essential Grid Images Not Adding
Essential Grid Images Not Adding
How to fix ? (Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in)
Transparent background in Renew stack
Space Under Nav Bar
Continuously prompted to Re-Validate, given success messages, only to be told I'm still not validated
Firefox Browser issues - Blur effect and text alignment
How Is CSS Edited On Design Cloud Menu Items?
Edit with cornerstone not working all of a sudden
One page always returns with “Uh Oh content failed to save”
Section Background Video won't run after update
Change width of gutenberg editor - revisiting
Custom Menu drop down going upwards
Problem licence
Nav Menu issue
I can't save the changes I make to the theme?
X Pro - v4.1.5 Wrong position for the navigation in a global block
Purchase Code not validating
Missing Nav Control Icons in Theme Options
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Social media sharing in posts
Some Current UI issues - Vid link Attached
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IE problems
Cornerstone help for this newbie
Cant access cloud templates
Responsive header / video bg
Adobe Font not working on Buttons
Customizing the searchform.php
Issue with CPT
Title Tooltip on Hover
Validation not working - please help
Home Page Not loading unless logged in
It's possible to remove Cornerstone?
Pro: Add Shortcode To Button
How do I fix these?
Login token not found. Please logout and login again!
Links Won't Open in New Tab
Cornerstone does not work after migration with Duplicator to sitegrounds
Dropdown box
Button styles disappear on live site
I completely destroyed my footer
Content Doc
Retain Font Awesome 4.7.0
Update broke site
Struggling with differnt Monitor Sizes 15inch and up ( Responsive Design)
Headers made in the creator does not look the same when applied
Cannot Validate the purchase code, ressigned but not working
Preview could not load - can't solve this problem!
Unable to instal and validate cornerstone
Prodcuts - Cornerstone Error
Feature list unintentially colored
Desktop menu looks like mobile
Can not activate ACF pro
Create inline navigations separators with css
Error message: Ajax URL not defined
Dropdown alignment with top menus
Integrity is boxed, won't go full width
Product description not seen
Z index setting
Instagram Embeds Not Sizing Properly on Mobile
WPML - different layout
Classic Cards: Title gets pushed out of div on smaller screens
Change H1 for my website pages
How to align Content Page Width with Slider Width?
Portfolio Page Problems
Move Mobile Toggle Below Logo
Pro Content stuck loading
Adding something to Portfolio Page
Accordion font styling
No content area in page builder
Image height "recent post item"
Https not showing padlock
Glitchey footer
No follow button links?
Page is making containers
Essential Grid Editor/Preview
Add Revolution Slider to main blog page - Continued Coversation
Images not showing in Chrome or Firefox unless I inspect element or resize the window
Editor permissions
Ubermenu Columns
My all pages titles are removed
Upgraded to Pro, no Pro tab/editor
Cornerstone: Fatal error
Topbar and Header issue
X Pro Licence Email to Email transfer
Polylang Cornerstone conflict
Themeco license
Can only edit home page
Edit With Cornerstone does not work (Solved)
Move CS column by dragging
Home Page Title Overwritten
Setup DEMO content Agency but failed
/pro/ stuck on "Loading..."
Revolution Slider gone, can't be reinstalled
How to remove sidebar on mobile view?
Content disappears after the recent major update
Both mobile and desktop headers showing on phone in desktop mode
Page Unresponsive while editing content with Pro page builder
Visual Composer elements not working
After updating visual composer getting error
Visual Composer elements not working
Visual Composer not working with X
Menu does not slide to correct place
HTML5 video not playing in Revolution Slider
HTML5 video not playing in Revolution Slider
Where are my vidoe's
Website is broken with New Wordpress, New X, and all plugins off
Unable to install designcloud templates
No roll over on main menu since the last X theme 7.2.1
Captcha not showing on a Content Area Off Canvas
Woocommerce pages template outdated
Failed to load resource - fontawesome
Church Demo won't allow footer widgets
Footer not corresponding centralised column on live site
Toolset fields not visible in Dynamic Content
Cornerstone Breaking Comments
Cornerstone crashing WP
X Theme Errors after upgrade - wp-comments page, Unexpected token
Need help activating license
Existing WooCommerce product leads to a 404 page
Custom 404 - glitch
Remove Space Above Page
Validating Xtheme
Footer disappeared!
MEC plugin not showing events
Mobile menu links not working
XPro won't open - FIXED
Category page layout
Building a portfolio
Image won't show up in Slider - using custom CSS to make full width Soliloquy slider
Cornerstone and translations
Issues with special chars in domain?
Facebook Comments Plugin breaks Favicon on Safari and Chrome
Logo not showing in header
Site Name showing as hidden H1/H2 tag in posts / site wide
Top Footer widget area Custom Global CSS has no effect
Woocommerce's filter by price not showing at Theme Sidebar
Menu on phone is not working
Validating Xtheme
Comments Element not working
Grey diagonal stripes
Theame options/ iframe response being incomplete
Licence code
CSS Code for x.blockquote Cite?
Horizontal scroll
Topbar custom content
QUESTION - Customize > Conditions to display element only if an ACF term "is set"
Remove Classic Text Editor Above X Pro Editor
Theme Options missing for X
Menu dropdown
Revolution slider white space under slider
Activation Key
Media library Theme X
Revolutionary Slider Video not autoplaying in Firefox
Sticky scroll
CSS Seems to not be loading properly
Drop Down Menu - works but top line not working (mobile)
Registering licensse
Problems after updating X
Unable to fix corrupted Cornerstone installation
Problems after updating X
Slider revolution: slide animation does not work
My Cornerstone Doesn't Load Completely
Reoccurring Failed to save error
Update aligned some images to the left, problem doesn't show up in Cornerstone
Fatal Error if empty category
Issues with font and alignment in Slider Revolution
Media Query works in Cornerstone but not on Website
Styling missing on just the Home page after upgrading to PHP 7.2
Header Button Cutoff On Mobile
Cannot edit page. Getting error message
Modern Events Calendar - Edit Invoice
Unable to validate PRO license
Adding links in blog post – freezing all day
Service Mark on Android
Hover image is not working
Logo - Image Logo Upload Problem
Raw Content Appears Together with Classic Protect Login
Cornerstone not loading to edit
Samsung Galaxy10 Issue
Essential Grid grids not showing on mobile
Hover state of Creative CTA not working, any idea why?
Woocommerce Flat Rate Not Working Properly
Delete a Forum Topic
After years of being up, Site now shows text only, no formatting
My site does not come up at all now I have uploaded to Pro
The grid plugin does not show up in footer
One page scroll
Header Image and Brand Fonts and Colours
Header Bar Color Not Updating
I enabled all the permission on the settings
Smart App Banner
Post names not showing in The Grid
Media query error
Loading issue since update
Cornerstone Customising
Icon stack theme options changes not saving
Add on click option to start a chat from Creative CTA element
Pro Editor line break and paragraph break glitch
Remove Header and Footer From Single Woocomerce Category and Product Pages
'App' Expanded Demo Won't Finish Setup
Why do some images load in Pro while others don't?
Disable Real-Time Automatic Change Updates in Cornerstone
Add Google Analytics code for pop up lightbox
Comment section stopped showing on all posts
Horizontal Layout issues
Modify an article
How to activate x theme in wp?
Problems with styling of elements after last update
Suplerfly not working properly
Stuck on loading page
Don't creating header and footer
Recent Blog Post Short Code is cropping featured image
Force element to start on a new line
License validation doesn't work
Disable button
Problem three column blog
Bug Instagram feed Essential Grid
Uploaded Custom Fonts, but can't import them
Essential grid icons not next to eachother
Disable X from Users
Dropdown menu on mobile - sublink to expand downwards in main column and not next to it
Columns will not center
Reassigning License Missing from Account
Licenses not appearing
Pro bulder wont load
Category links do not work
Failed to load wp-admin page after update
Cornerstone does not show new content
Breadcrumbs in Education theme
Goofy formatting in Pro when editing a "content" segment of a page
Mobile menu not working (works in Customizer)
Sticky header gets stuck on second bar
Modern Events Calendar not updating plugin or showing events
X theme options not loading
The preview could not load - preview-frame::update-aborted
Can not download the demo and all Plugin
Many problems after update X theme
When I'm trying to edit the cornerstone, it doesn't show the preview!
Double Scrolling Bars
One of the blog posts on the home page doesn't have a meta description
Seasonal Prices with Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder
Cornerstone is not displaying well
Cant load App Demo Theme, initializes and goes to working on and stays there with no progress
Hiding Post Date on Posts
Category Page Excerpts showing CS_Content code
Installing and editing the demo content
Pro footer looks weird
Issue with menu
A question on designing with Icon 1
How can i insert a JS-Code on my Page
Snippet not coming for my posts on the homepage of my blog
Theme options links redirect to login page
Slider Revolution Error message won't disappear
Product sidebar missing after update
Embed showing double
Headers Suddenly Disappeared
Themeco Video Embedding
Slider not working on mobile!
E&P slider price
Slider Revolution animation
Show content regarding condition in formidable form?
Significant Cornerstone Lag
Essential Grid doesn't work anymore on the website
Section backround color won’t change
ERROR: The slider is not initialized!
Some of my website content is now missing - it seems to be cornerstone content
Adding Preset Dialog Not Visible to Confirm
CSS changes on Child theme not showing up
After updating to pro 5.0.4 I can't adjust some Cart Off Canvas settings
Cornerstone error after recent updates
Footer not fixed at the bottom of the page
Navigation – dropdown issues
Content Not Saving
Fatal error after 5.0.7 update
Probmlem with editor after update
Newest update of cornerstone 6 causing fatal issues
Uh oh failed to save - again
Multisite Sub site pages are not applying header or page CSS
ProVersion: 5.0.8 header has gone crazy after update
Font awesome showing as empty
Fatal Error message on line 8
New Page Builder messed everything up
V5.0.8 featured image on blogs now blank
WP Charitable conflict with Pro - need help
Fatal Error message on line 8
Updated Pro 4.3.3 > 5.0.8 now Cornerstone editor will not load
Navigation bar moved since update
Accordion Arrow Removal
Mobile Menu Button not Opening Menu
X Theme update fail
Pro Version: 5.0.8 font question
Updated theme, broken layout
New Update: Instruction
I can't edit with pro. Doesn't load content
Revolution Slider - white space next to background on full-width
LayerSlider not appearing correctly in Moz Firefox
Query string for the same term in a custom taxonomy
Lighthouse returned error: NO_FCP. The page did not paint any content
Sub Links not working in new responsive setting
WPPB Shortcodes Not Working
Page formatting, template not showing, not too sure why
Child Theme breaks SuperFly on X / Cornerstone
Menu Active Color
Above the fold section is not responsive and won't respond to changes on mobile
Layer slider update needed!
Main navigation different sizes on different pages
Page build with Cornerstone is always messed up
Navigation arrows
Columnize breakpoints
Update pro damaged my site
Can't edit pages using Pro
Pictures not loading in X theme
Cornerstone Failing to save
Grid scale interaction
How do I change the video header in Integrity?
Menu dropdowns not working
Can't validate site
Slider revolution element not functioning, Other set up functions not available
Lincese not validated and Can't Update Cornerstone
Pro 5.0.8 theme options will not load
No Container with Layout Builder?
Layerslider does not show my existing slider
Cornerstone Front End Editor Won't Load - Stuck Loading
Pro keeps spinning: can't edit pages
"Optional" unwillingly added as post category in The Grid
Background Video Not Playing anywhere
PHP Warning after update
Menu problem after update
Pro Unlimited Site Not Validating
Envira Gallery has stopped working and not showing on website
First install - Quite a few issues (X)
Headers and footers assigned but don't appear
Essential Grid not displaying at all
Bad Request Error Message
I have no theme editor in my WordPress
Uh Oh failed to save, cannot save anything
Impossible to upload template (it's NOT a max. upload size problem)
X Theme version 9.0.8 and Cornerstone 6.0.8 not working
Site is Broken After Restoring to Older Version
Large white space appearing above the footer on every page
Php Problem
Migration from X to Pro
Nav Collapsed doesn't show hamburger
Woocommerce Linked Products: Upsells / Cross sells - Looper
We attempted to installed Cornerstone (required by X) automatically, but were unable to. You may need to install Cornerstone manually. Error Details
Pro Editor not loading again (and I've tried all the usual troubleshooting)
Product Review Layout
Essential Grid custom source problem
Can't access Customiser - without ending in 'about:srcdoc'
Button color not rendering properly & line elements missing on site
Add Background image
Menu Drop Down not working on PC
Preview could not load error (related to plugin conflict)
Trouble with centering two columns on page
Mobile Nav Dropdown error Undefined index:
Woocommerce pagination adding extra padding above products
Cannot Install Demo Sites for X or Pro
When I go to theme options
Cannot click navigation drop down toggle on mobile
Search bar is working on Naviagtion
Cart Category Page Issues
Double Scroll Dropdown
MEC Looper Order
Dynamic content for percentage field in Statbar
Woocommerce Description & Reviews Tabs missing in single product page
Strange Search Modul
Page builder layout
Validation Loop
Menu link not disappearing in mobile navigation
Do you offer refunds?
White Label Plugin disappeared from all websites
Classic Widget Area Contents Have Disappeared
Only show sticky posts in slider
Problem setting Menu / Header to stick
Cornerstone 6.1.2 (Upgrade from 6.0.8) Broke CSS on Site
Cornerstone 6.1.2 (Upgrade from 6.0.8) Broke CSS on Site
URGENT! Scrambled Page Numbers on Homepage
Border color malfunction
Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
Hamburger Drop Down Menu Not Working Mobile
Scroll to anchor on same page
Modern Sliders Hero Post template
License isn't Activating
Blog Masonry Fullwidth 3 Columns does not display properly
Edit with PRO not working/Broken
Cornerstone still won't load
Revolution Slider just blank when previewed and embedded
Archive Layouts not Displaying
Text and images no longer appear after update to 5.1.4
Slider stacked element – arrows are not showing
One Page Navigation stopped working after Pro 5.1.1 update
Element CSS Context Scope
Add to cart form not showing on mobile
Justified Image Grid Shortcode not displayed on post
Anchor Links are not going to the right spot
Slider revolution no longer working
Blog Thumbnails Not Showing Up
What does the Gutters setting under Content Sizing for bars in header builder do?
Theme Formatting Error
Fatal errore when I update cornerstone
Search Results Page not showing pages in results
Header Won't Wrap
X Theme 9.1.4 Anchor Links Overshoot
Layout Builder WooCommerce Single
Template not loading
Slider: Background color layers not visible on the active slide inside the looper
The logo and te menu don't work
Menu parent page with dropdown display and styling issues
Mobile Image Not Showing in X-Integrity
Product Validation error when attempting to input license key
Menu top padding disappears when not logged in
Site not validating - The Awkward Ninja
Woocommerce payments css issue
How To Expand A Header To Full Width
Pro + plugin translation + migration
Looper Display Custom Taxonomy Term
10. Stacked Testimonial Slider & 13. Standard Testimonial Carousel Slider files are broken
How to hide keywwords from showing up in articles / posts
Conditionally Hide Content Based on Custom Field Value
Pro Site wont validate
Udate Cornerstone failed
Slider inside a slide - Navigation
Compatibility issue with Polylang plugin
Query String with __not_in
Update version
Multiple errors