Comments on posts went missing

Hi there, support

All the comments I have on my blog posts are suddenly missing. Both in the dashboard and in a line after the post title, the number of comments for a given post is mentioned. However, the body of the comment appears neither in the blog (website) nor in the dashboard itself. The only comments currently appearing are the ones I approved today.
All settings of allowing comments and discussion and not closing comments after an X number of days are correct, as far as I could check.
Here the only post showing comments (approved today)
and an example of other containing comments but not showing them
Do you have an idea of what the problem could be?


Hi Rafaela,

Thanks for writing in. Have you tried to temporarily deactivate your other plugins? Have you also tried clearing cache? If you have done both and the issue is still there, please provide us a credential to your site in a secure note, so we can investigate further.


Hi @albrechtx
Thanks for your response.
I just did both and found out that there is a WPML conflict, apparently. I recently purchased WPML as this is the multilingual plugin supported by the X theme (and not Polylang). All my plugins and the X theme are up to date.
Would you have any ideas for solutions?

Hey Rafaela,

I have the latest WPML version in my test site and the comments are showing up. Would you mind providing access to your WordPress Admin so we could check your setup. Please send the credentials in a Secure Note.


Hi @christian_y
I added a secure note to my previous reply.

Hey Rafaela,

I have checked your site and I can confirm that the comments were no longer present in the Comments section. When you go to the Posts, you’ll see that some of the posts has comments in it.

If you check it in the Comments section, only 6 comments were present. It could be that the comments were deleted or have been accidentally removed by a plugin or something. What was the last action you’ve taken before this issue arise? Have you installed a plugin or have deleted some users?

Kindly let us know.

Hi @RueNel,

Sorry for the late reply.
That’s exactly the problem. These comments were there before and I have not deleted any user or any comment. The comments just “disappeared”. As far as I remember my last actions were to update X and WPML. No new plugin.

Any idea what could have happened?

Hi Rafaela,

The cause of the issue is WPML, it seems the comments or old comments are applied to a different language before you changed to WPML.

You can confirm this by clicking the comment icon like from here

It will bring you to this section, where it says approved comments but there is none

Then try disabling the WPML plugin and reload that page again and comments will appear.

I recommend contacting WPML author for this issue, they may have a way of migrating old comments to translated posts/pages.


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