Connection and Revolution Slider Issues


I look after a website for someone and they have decided to sell their business. Yesterday the new owners wanted access to the website, so I thought I’d just make sure everything was up to date before giving them the details.

The website has been live since 2015 and was built using X/X child theme. Apart from updating the odd detail and doing WP, theme and plugin updates, the site has not really been touched and has had no previous issues.

This morning I couldn’t login to the WordPress dashboard. I kept getting an HTTP Error 500 message, so I got in touch with my hosting company. They disabled all the plugins so I could get access to the dashboard.

Once in I started to reactivate all my plugins. When I got to Revolution Slider I got a fatal error message…

So, I thought I would delete the plugin and reinstall it. But when it came to activating it, I got the fatal error message again. Then I noticed there was an error in connecting to the extensions list in the X-Addons. And when I checked, it looked like the license wasn’t linked to the site but when I tried to do that I again got a connection error message.

I sent my hosting company your connection troubleshooting information, which they worked through but couldn’t see the problem. They did ask for an IP address for

Can you help me to understand what is going on and how I fix it?


Hi @ludoh,

Thanks for writing in. It couldn’t be a problem with the themeco’s connection because other themeco extension plugins are working fine, right? Would you be able to give a temporary login to your site in a secure note? So we can investigate further.


Hello @ludoh,

Thanks for providing the information. I have logged in and checked your site. You have updated WordPress to the latest version 5.3.2 while your X theme is 4.2.2 and Cornerstone 1.0.10. These versions no longer worked for the latest WP core. You will need to update it to the latest version which is X theme 7.2.2 and Cornerstone 4.2.2. Your current installed version is the version that uses API key which we already have deprecated since X 5.0. We recommend that you update the X theme and Cornerstone manually. You can do that by logging in to your FTP and upload the latest X theme and Cornerstone plugin files. For more details, please check out Manual Updates here:

After the update, make sure to update your child theme’s style.css as well by going to Appearance > Theme Editor and insert this:


Theme Name: Ryan James
Theme URI:
Author: Lucy Doherty
Author URI: 
Description: Theme for Ryan James Chauffeurs
Version: 1.0.0
Template: x


Please let us know how it goes.

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