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I am trying to integrate BuddyPress with my existing site to add a social/discussion area for our users. I’d like to have a unique header for all the BuddyPress-related pages, one with many significant differences from my main header. Unfortunately, when I build a new header and assign it to any of the pages that use BuddyPress templates, my site’s global header is what shows up. I understand that some of the pages (like the profile page) are individually generated by BuddyPress to match the user ID and I assumed that getting a custom header on those pages might be challenging, but I hoped to at least be able to assign the header to the static regular “pages” that are in my page list and appear as Specific Page options when assigning a header like Activity, Members, or Groups. I’ve been tinkering it with this project since before the 4.0 update, I’ve since updated, and had the same result with both versions. I was hoping the 4.0 update would fix it, and before I installed/tested it I had a little hope that I might even be able to get an alternate header assigned to the auto-generate pages via the new “Parent Page” assignment feature, but no luck on either. For clarity I am now using the most recent versions of both WordPress and Pro.

I can see a potential work-around by simply assigning my “social header” as the global header and using the snazzy new header assignment features to assign my current global header in an intelligent manner to existing pages/parents/items. That solution is not ideal for me since I frequently create new main pages, and I worry about the potential negative ramifications in the event that I forget to manually assign the right header to a newly created page. I also worry that there is a current feature I’m not thinking of or something I might want in the future that also utilizes auto-generated pages like BuddyPress where I would want my global header to be applied. Therefore I am hoping there is a way to assign my “Social Header” to all BuddyPress pages while still being able to use the Global Header feature as I currently am.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration on this issue. I’m very much enjoying the new version so far!

Hi @tlord11,

We understand your point, but unfortunately, there is no other segregation for the BuddyPress pages while assigning the Header or Footer. Still, I will make a feature request so it might be taken into account in the future.

Thanks for understanding

Thank you very much for the explaination. Totally understandable and I’ll figure something out. The one thing that I am still a little confused about is why the Header Assigment feature doesn’t work for the static pages like Activity and Groups. Some clarity there would be appreciated, it makes sense that assigning them to a page generataed by the user ID# wouldn’t be possible, but it seems like getting a specifc header assigned to the Activity page should be a thing that could happen, right? I appreciate your further insight.

Hey @tlord11,

I just checked and you can assign a Header to BuddyPress pages.



Please ensure you’re up to date.


Thank you @christian! That is what I was referring to. It seems like those pages are available to be assigned, however, when I actually assign a header to those pages, my Global header appears rather than the one I specifically assigned as you showed there. I am able to assign my “social header” to any other page I like and have it appear properly, but it will not appear for Activity, Groups, or Members, despite the fact that they are listed in the specific page assignment and that I’ve assigned the header to them as it is in your image. Any ideas?

Hi @tlord11,

You need to change the priority of your Global header and Header for specific page in order for them to display the right header on the right pages. Please check this article.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

Thank you @marc_a for the follow-up. I had previously read that article, and I have my “social header” that I am trying to assign to the Activity page as priority 0, and I have my global header set as priority 20. Is that not correct? Thanks!

Hey @tlord11,

In such cases the header with the lowest priority will be used, by the definition you have assigned the priority correctly. Can you please get back to us with the URL/User/Pass of your WordPress dashboard using the Secure Note functionality of the post so we can take a closer look at your setup?


I don’t really like giving random strangers I don’t know admin access to a live and active e-commerce site. Especially since I’m pretty clear that I am not causing this problem myself. I guess I’m the weird one since no one else seems to have issues with this, but I just don’t like people poking around in my sites with the ability to make changes. Since your product is so awesome I rarely need to take advatage of the support, but it’d be really nice if just one time that I had a question if I could get an answer other than the absolute most basic stuff I tried well before I came looking for support or “give me an admin password”.

Hello @tlord11,

If that is the case, it is best that you create a staging site where you clone your live site and we can troubleshoot your issue in the staging site area. We would highly recommend that you create a staging site because this is very useful because you can test drive any X updates in the staging area, do the customizations and troubleshooting without disrupting your live site. Once everything is perfect, you can easily and flawlessly proceed with the update on the live site. To know how to create a staging area, please check out these articles:


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