Many problems after update X theme


After updating X theme and cornerstone
from :

  • WP 4.9.9
  • X theme 6.0.4
  • Cornestone 3.3.8

To :

  • WP 4.9.9
  • X theme 6.4.6
  • Cornestone 3.4.6

Many problems came.

In order to compare the two versions :

The problems are in the front and the back office.

Front :
1/ The one page menu on the home page doesn’t work anymore
2/ The content layout was in 1200px wide and now it’s in full wide
3/ Parallax images was not displayed howewer they were in the code.
4/ Some block color background have been erased…
5/ I hope that’s all the bugs I found.

Back :
1 / WPBakery Page Builder has no more X validation
2 / WPBakery is not working as it should on the Home page (others pages seems to be OK) :

I tried to update WP but the WPBakery PB is not working anymore. So i stayed in 4.9.9.

Thx for help.

Hey @Smyek,

This issue was discussed in our X 6.3 release notes. For more details, please see

Here’s what happened specifically:

Regarding the issue with the backend, it looks like you edited the page without first enabling the Legacy X Integration. Please see the solution in the video below.

If you discovered other issues, please open a separate for each in order for us to avoid confusion and so we can report each issue separately.

Hope that helps.

I enabled Legacy X integration. Visual composer works fine again. The layout is not anymore in full width, which is fine but since it is activated, the content website is not anymore centered only on the home page
thx for help

Hi there,

There seems to be something different in the structure of the section containers of the sections that are not centered. Would you mind providing us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

For the meantime, please clear your site and browser cache to make sure that you are seeing the latest version of your site.


empty cache doens’t change anything.
Secure note sended.

Hi @Smyek,

It appears to have covered by text block element, it happens when you edited and saved it while X integration is active. Please check this, the video provided by Christian.


visual composer on home is not working again, however legacy X integration is on.
please help

i have to remove all [vc_column_text][/vc_column_text] on the code ?

Hi @Smyek,

Yes, please remove them, not the content but the open and closing pair only. And make sure to back up the content on a separate page.


Ok, I could handle this…
It seems I could solve all problems so far thx to your support.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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