Cannot validate purchase of X theme with API key

I’m trying to validate X theme with the API key provided in section for my domain
I keep getting the error

“Could not establish connection. For assistance, please start by reviewing our article on troubleshooting”

I have checked to ensure connections to are not blocked on my end.

Hi @catcolon,

Thank you for writing in and sorry that you’re having that issue, please follow the troubleshooting guide we provided here.

If the issue persists, please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


Hi I’ve tried following the steps in the link you provided but the issue persists
I’ve added the login information to the secure note


Hi @catcolon,

Your theme is very old, which is why it won’t validate anymore. It’s connecting to our old validation domain/URL that doesn’t exist anymore. The only workaround for this is manually installing the updated theme through FTP. Please check this under Manual Updates section.

Then after that, you should able to validate it :slight_smile:

And before that, I recommend backing up your site. It seems everything is old and updating it directly will break it due to feature gaps. You can also test the update to the clone of your site as staging, and once fixed and working, you can then push back your staging copy to your main site. This might help



I have manually updated the theme through ftp to v7.0.4 and I am still unable to validate upon entering the validation code
the page redirects to which is a blank page for me .

The layout of theme page in the wp-admin section also looks broken with oversized icons and images


Hello @catcolon,

I have logged in to your site and resolved your issue already.
Here is the things I did which has resolved your issue.

  • The oversized icons caused by the old version of Cornerstone. So, I went to the plugins section and deactivated Cornerstone. I deleted the plugin because this is already an old one which will just cause some issues. I went back to X > Validation and waited for moment while Cornerstone was being installed automatically in the background. Once the new version of Cornerstone were installed and active, I proceed with the validation which is successful.

Please check your site now.


Thanks for updating the versions but the content on the site is not visible anymore, I can just see the header and footer.
also I cant use visual editor to update pages.


Hey @catcolon,

Did you delete Cornerstone. Upon checking, I saw this notice in your site.

I clicked the link so Cornerstone will be installed and your content now shows up.

Hope that helps.

Thats great content is back! Thank you.

You are most welcome!

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