My all pages titles are removed

I don’t know how my all pages titles are removed or hidden. I am missing h1 tags now. Ranking is decreasing day by day. Can anybody help me to show my pages’ titles as earlier?

Posts tiles are working fine.

Hi @sansarlochan,

I checked and can see you have added a css to hide the titles.
To add it back, you need to remove the following code in Theme Options > CSS

header.x-header-landmark {
    display: none;

.x-header-landmark {
    display: none;

After that, please delete your plugin cache.


Thank you !!

One more thing I have to ask.

Just few days before when I noticed that my site is loading very slow.

I checked Gtmetrix and found that is throwing 404 error

I did not update any thing. I thought it is a CDN error then I found the original file is also giving same error

Please tell me what to do in this case? Should I delete theme and reinstall it? Or any another way to solve this?

**Update : I just checked themes/x/framework/ … whole CSS folder is missing…:disappointed_relieved: how it happened? I did not update anything …no plugin nor wordpress…how it happened…

Hi Sansar,

We can’t really say for sure how the CSS file got delete as there is not functionality in the theme that deletes the file so it could possible be something else that deleted the file.

You are using X 6.5.5 and the latest version is 6.5.6. If you can, try updating X and Cornerstone to the latest version and it should have the complete files on your site:

Hope this helps.

Hi Jade

I upgraded theme to version 6.5.6.

I still cannot find any folder namely

Can you tell me was this path really existed in real theme? If yes then where it gone? and why it did not come back after successful upgrade?

Hello Sansar,

Thanks for writing in!

File renew.css can be found under /x/framework/legacy/cranium/dist/css/site/renew.css. I ran a speed test on GTmetrix and I don’t see any reports of bad request.

Here’s the test result.

Please clear cache and try running the test again on GTmetrix.


Hey Prasant

I messed up everything. Actually automatically update was not available in my dashboard so I went to manual update through Appearance>Themes>Upload

then i deleted x theme first (not child theme) then uploaded the (

I later saw there were two child themes appeared. N main theme was no where available. When I checked my File manager in my server, I found X folder is still there…

I am totally confused.

Can you help me installing x theme again? Cornerstone is also not working. It is saying We’ve checked the code, but it doesn’t appear to be an Cornerstone purchase code or Themeco license. Please double check the code and try again.

My code is right but not working.

I am ready to give you my wordpress credentials

Hi Sansar,

You’re still using old version of Cornerstone plugin (3.5.4) on your site. You need to install the latest version of Cornerstone plugin as well to avoid incompatibility issues. Once you unzip file you should be able to locate file under x/framework/ location. Delete the existing Cornerstone plugin and install the latest version accordingly.

With your child theme issue, the correct child theme should be x-child under /wp-content/themes/. If you see child themes with any other names or or with spaces, you can ignore that or it could be a backup you already have.

To install X theme again, you simply need to delete your X theme folder under /wp-content/themes/. Then you can unzip file and upload it into your themes section. You can refer to our manual update guide here (

Hope that helps.

I cleared cache and tried again gtmetrix

I am getting same error "The following requests are returning 404/410 responses. Either fix the broken links, or remove the references to the non-existent resources."

Hi Sansar,

Please try to clear your cloudflare/cdn cache as well.


I purged all cache from CDN but nothing worked. I also cleared cache from my wordpress site. When I asked my CDN provider, they say “CDN only reflect what your host is showing hence it shows too the missing file.”

Due to this, GTmetrix waterflow result showing 404 status for the mentioned URL. And due to this FULLY LOADRD TIME increases to 15-26 seconds sometimes …and sometimes it becomes normal

M not getting how to handle this.

Hi Sansar,

To further assist you with this issue, kindly provide us your wordpress admin login and ftp login in Secure Note


I gave credentials. Kindly check out the above msg.

I asked my hosting provider regarding this. They said — “”" I loaded your site and see the 404 error, which looks like the request is being made from you index file. You can find where in the index file the request is being called from and remove it, as long as you’re sure you don’t need it. Since the stylesheet request isn’t being found, you likely don’t need it. However, if you’re concerned before making changes you can always create a backup via cPanel just to be safe. ‘’’’’

Hi Sansar,

The problem with CDN is yes, it only reflects what the site is showing and that includes the cache being served by your site. Multiple optimization could lead to many issues since it’s usually cache another cache from another cache and so on. Purging or clearing it will have no effect since it will just re-serve the cache from another cache.

And the main reason for this issue is your very old child theme it still has this line in style.css

@import "../x/framework/css/site/stacks/renew.css";

It’s no longer needed in child theme’s style.css, please remove it.


Hi @Rad

Thank you. I removed that line from child theme. I think the problem is solved because gtmetrix not showing that url in bad request. and loading time is also improved.

But you said something about CDN and cache. I did not get that point.

Do you mean I should discontinue my stackpath CDN provider? Or should I delete any cache plugin?or either?

Please suggest me the best way to optimize my website.

Should I delete cache plugin or should stop CDN service…

Hi Sansar,

Nope, you don’t have to delete or disable them. It’s just my recommendation everytime there is site changes, maintenances, updates, and troubleshooting. To make sure it’s easier to troubleshoot and find issues. But yes, it shouldn’t be an overkill optimisation, I’m not saying it must be a single plugin, you can install many plugins as much as you want but just make sure only one feature is active one at a time, that’s normal since not all features are available or better on single plugin.

Let’s say plugin 1 has cache enabled but no minification, then plugin 2 has active cache but active minification, and both of them doesn’t have CDN then you can use another provider for CDN as well, and so on :slight_smile:. Though, if your CDN is already doing those 3 then I don’t think you need another 2 plugins. It’s up to you, just don’t make it over-optimized :slight_smile:


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