Global customization not working in X Theme


Cornerstone will not load or work. I am running them v7.1.2, the latest according to APEX, in child-theme. When I click on customize I simple get a spinning icon and nothing loads. When attempting to open the customizer all I get in the URL bar is The URL to my site itself is I have looked at other solutions in the forums and have tried troubleshooting myself by doing previous suggestions like disabling all the plug-ins, switching to the main version and I still get the spinning icon. I get the same result irregardless of the browser I use. It happens with Chrome, MS Edge, Firefox and Opera. Not sure where to start and if I cannot customize my theme, this becomes a major issue is continuing with the X theme itself. Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated.

Hey @PhotographerPC,

We’re sorry to hear that Cornerstone still doesn’t work after your troubleshooting. Please give us the following information in a Secure Note and we’ll troubleshoot further.

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin Level Username and Password
  • cPanel or FTP access


Thank you for responding Christian,

Prior to providing that kind of access to you or the staff, I would like assurances that the login information is never stored or kept. I can provide all that once I know how the information is deleted or cleared.

Hello @PhotographerPC,

We do not store or kept WP credentials. If you may, you can give us temporary access and remove that access (username/password) once your issue is resolved.

Meanwhile, please make sure that you are using the same url and protocol in your site URL and WP dashboard url.

If you are using https, all of those URls must be using it too.

Hope this helps.

Thank you RueNel. I did not have the WP URL or the Site address URL as https. I recently updated the site with a SSL Certificate. I changed these , but it did not fix the access to the customization issue I am experiencing. Thanks for pointing this out. I will send the Secure note message for further diagnostics. I have sent a secure note with further information as requested.

Hello @PhotographerPC,

Thanks for updating in! I have logged in and I found out that you are using PHP 5.6.40 and WordPress core 4.9.8. PLease update your PHP to least 7.2 and WordPress to 5.3.2. For best results, please make sure that you have meet the requirements to run the latest WordPress. You can check it here:

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Thanks for taking a look around RueNel. I do have one question / concern though. In running the WP Plug-in PHP Compatibility Check, I chose v7.3 for the PHP and three things came up incompatible. Cornerstone, Slider Revolution and X theme. Can you confirm compatibility of these three components of the X theme prior to me upgrading my PHP. The WP core upgrade is not an issue.

In testing your recommendations in my child theme, it appears as if upgrading WP and the PHP to the latest version has solved the issue of cornerstone not responding. My thanks to the team and staff for the prompt responses and expert advice to solve my issue.

Hey @PhotographerPC,

We’re glad that the Theme Options now works.

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