Envira Gallery full photos not appearing after clicking on thumbnail

Hi I am back! My Envira Gallery full photos are not showing up after I click on the thumbnails. Why? By the way, this is the second time I have posted a new topic that did not go through. See the screenshot.


Hello Grace,

Thanks for posting in!

Please make sure that you have selected the “Original Image” size in your Lightbox settings.

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It did not work and 2 of the images are giving me errors which is very weird.

Hey Grace,

You’re using a 300 px image so that is your original image size. When adding images to your gallery, use an image size you’d like to display in your lightbox.

Ohhhh! You know Christian, that was going to be my next move. So the original image crops to the thumbnail? The reason why I did it this way is because I didn’t want the image to crop in the wrong place. How do I adjust it if it does crop in the wrong place? I will replace all of the 300dpi photos with the original image size. Thank you!

Hello Grace,

Once you upload an image, WordPress will automatically crop it into 3 sizes, (the thumbnail, medium, and large) when the original image size is bigger than the image size set in Settings > Media. It means that if your original image size is 1200x1200, WordPress will crop it into 150x150 for the thumbnail, 300x300 for the medium size, and 1024x1024 for the large size.

In your Envira Gallery, you can set the size of the Envira Gallery thumbnail size in Envira Gallery > {your current gallery} > Configuration > Gallery Settings.

And then in your Lightbox settings, you can set the image size to the Original to display the bigger image in the lightbox.

Hope this makes sense.

I will try it and report back tonight.

No Problem.
Let us know how it goes.

I do have a question though. Does it have to be square? What if my photos are 400x600? They are larger than that but I made them smaller for a reason.

Hello Grace,

If you go to Settings > Media in your WP Dashboard, only the thumbnail has the option to be cropped or not.

If you upload a rectangular image, only the thumbnail size will have a square size. Both the medium and large sizes will still be rectangular usually with the aspect ratio.

Best Regards.

I will try uploading the 400x600 images and see what happens!

Awesome. If there is anything else we can help you with, please do not hesitate to open another thread.

I am getting an error message when I use 400x600 saying “The requested content cannot be loaded.” What does this mean? Nevermind. I deleted all of the previous photos and uploaded again. It works now. Thank you ruenel.

Hi Grace,

You’re welcome and we’re glad that you’re able to figure it out! If you have any other concerns or clarifications regarding our theme features, feel free to open up a new thread.

Thank you.

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