Under construction seems not to be working

Hi guys,

I activated, deactivated, uninstalled, re-installed the under construction plugin. Cleared all browser caches and the website still shows without

What can be wrong?

Cheers Carlo

Hey Carlo,

I see the under-construction page does not work in your home page only. There could be something in your WordPress and /or server configuration that is causing this especially related to cookies and white-listed IPs.

If you have a third party plugin related to cookies and white-listing IPs, please deactivate them temporarily and check if the issue persists. If it does, please give WordPress Admin and FTP access in a Secure Note


Thanks Christian

I can’t find anything… what email to use for the account?

Hi @quinex,

You can use any email or just provide your existing admin account and FTP in the secure note :slight_smile:

For the meantime, please go to Admin > Pro > Under Construction and make sure it’s enabled.


It is active and just shared the credentials in a secured note


Hi @quinex,

It looks like your hosting has internal caching (object, memcache, or database caching I’m not just sure which one), I recommend turning that off for now, or contacting your hosting provider about this. Try accessing the URL I provided in a secure note, the under construction works.


Awesome, I haven’t thought of that…

Just checked and in the server setup for the whole server I noticed varnish and memchached are enabled and for this particular domain is had varnished enabled. Disabling it made it work perfectly well.

May I ask one additional question?

What is recommended:

  1. Server caching and then either varnish, memchached or both
  2. None of the above and use a plugin like w3tc, wp fastest cache, w3 super cache
  3. A combination

Or can you not answer this question? It’s just out of interest.

Thanks for the great service!!!

Most caching plugins utilize varnish or other caching system of a web host when available. You will need to contact the caching plugin support for this though.


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