X Child Theme Demos?

My name is Myron and I’ve recently purchased, installed and activated X The Theme. I’m a new to building a website and started with your knowledge base. I downloaded X The Child Theme. As I understand it, I am to use the X Child Theme to build my site however, I cannot access Demos with X The Child Theme like I can with X The Theme.

Did I do something in error?

Can I access Demos in X The Child Theme, or should I use The X Theme?

Thank You In Advance,

When I click on Demo Content in X The Theme, the theme comes up but I’m not able to edit it. Is there a different tutorial I should be looking at in addition to knowledge base?


Hi Myron,

Thanks for reaching out.

You still should able to import demo content while the child theme is active. Though, I’m not sure if the issue you’re getting is demo import issue. May I know what do you mean by can’t access the demo?

Please provide your site’s URL and admin login credentials in the secure note so we could check it as well.


Hi Rad,
I noticed that if I’m on the wordpress screen with several themes and Child X Theme 1.0.0 (active).The Child X Theme is active then I see the X in the left column. I still don’t see demo content.
I see validation -white label but no demo content.

Now:If I click on Child X Theme (active) [ theme details] it takes me WPBakery Page Builder not Cornerstone.

Now: In Child X Theme (active) click on customizer it takes me to insite my website but still no demo.

Is there another tutorial that you recommend? My Child X Theme is version 1.0.0

Hello Myron,

I think your setup is correct it’s just that you might be looking for the demo content in the incorrect place.

Firstly, if you have downloaded your child theme from here then it should be fine as that is the latest base child theme.

Once you have it installed and enabled, you should be able to choose from the demo content and be able to import it.

Here is where you can find the demo content options:

Also, there are a plethora of articles in our Knowledge Base where you can check to get started with X:

In case you are still not seeing the demo content option, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

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