Change H1 for my website pages

Dear All, I would like to change my H1 on some of my website pages please let me know how to do that

Hey @elise83,

Because there are different setups possible with our themes, please provide specific page URLs and tell us which h1 you are looking to change so we can advise you accordingly


I have more than 45 pages where I should change the H1 so please let me know how we can proceed

Hey @@elise83,

If 45 pages look the same or have the same layout, please at least give us one URL and the h1 that you wish to change. We can’t proceed if that is not posted because as I’ve said, there are a lot of setups possible in our theme.

If you wish to post it in private, you can use the Secure Note feature.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Hello Elise,

Thanks for writing in!

By default, if you are using the default page template, all of the page titles were already using h1. I have checked most of you pages and I found out that you are using Blank - No Container | Header, Footer page template. This is a specialize template that will not display the page titles. This is useful when you build your pages Cornerstone. Most of your pages were built with Cornerstone. You will have to edit each of the pages back in Cornerstone and manually change the heading tags you used to h1. There is not shortcuts since each of the page were built with Cornerstone.

Hope this helps.

please send me an example of how I do that manually for the first URL that I sent then I can copy the process for other pages to change the H1

Hello Elise,

Edit the page and click the first text element because this is where you have added the custom html element with the heading tag in it.

Hope this helps.

So for instance in the example you sent me, I just have to change H4 to H1 or do I need to do anything more than that ?

Hey @elise83,

Yes that’s correct simply change the <h4></h4> tag to <h1></h1> tag in the example above and on all the pages where you want to change the <h4> tags to <h1>.

Hope this helps!

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