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I am having issues with the image I upload to the steps in WP E&P cost estimation form. I am given the option for the size of the image but there never seems to be a size difference in the size. I have image selected but they always look like icons, even though I have it set to largest setting of 3000 x 3000 but look no bigger than the 150 x 150 or the 300 x 300. How do I make them bigger?

Thank you.

Hey Stephanie,

Thanks for writing in! It looks like that you have installed Jetpack plugin. Please go to Jetpack settings and then disable the Site Accelerator feature (formerly known as Photon module). This feature will cached all your images and sometimes it has some problems loading the images. One of the limitations of photons:
No cache invalidations – currently the images are cached “forever”. If you want to “refresh” an image you will need to change the name of the image. Adding random query arguments, commonly known as cachebusters, will not work.

For further information, you can check it here: https://jetpack.com/support/site-accelerator/

Thank you RueNel for your answer.

I did turn the feature off and attempted to reload the image. It did not increase the size. I then remade the step and reloaded the image into the new step and the size is still the same. They are no bigger than an icon. Are they only icons or full images? On mobile they look a little wider but very squished from the top. Am I missing something?


I also am noting that the icons are different sizes on mobile devices; I can see a difference on mobile just not desktop. However, if I slant the image to fit the 3000 x 300 canvas more and then load it in the image slot, it appears slightly bigger on desktop but is smaller than the other icon of the same size (3000 x 3000) that was originally posted. Why would it be smaller on desktop but larger on mobile and vice versa?

Hi Stephanie,

Please provide us the page’s URL where we can see the said images and please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can see your configuration.


I have updated the secure note. Thank you.


I have even uploaded jpegs and png files at 6000 x 6000 and they are not any different size. I cant find a image restriction in the settings.

Last update:

I found the image size restriction in the design tab. I adjusted and fixed the issue. Thank you for being patient with my idiocy.

Glad it’s working now, and no problem at all. It’s a trial and error and I’ve been there too :wink:

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