Cornerstone don't work after re-install

Need help - I completely uninstalled Cornerstone, but now when I reinstalled and activated, it doesn’t work and at the bottom in the dashboard, it says that I need to install it manually and re-direct me on this Website… BUT what to do here? How to install it manually? Don’t have a clue!

No help, hmm?

Hey Viliam,

We’re here 24/7 to help with issues related to our products. Response times is just taking longer than usual because the release of big updates usually is a busy time and as stated in the sidebar of this thread:

Support questions are answered in the order received and responses may take up to 24 hours (typically sooner). Complex questions or busy times may take longer.

You can also see that in our “How to Get Support” article. Also, stated in the article that you must not bump your threads as that will push your thread back of the queue.

Not providing context could also delay help due to back and forth discussions.

I checked the site you’ve assigned to your license and can see that you’re already using the latest version of Cornerstone. Is this still a problem? If so, please elaborate on what the problem is and also provide screenshots.

Regarding the paragraph issue, please provide the URL of the page having this issue. If you don’t want to share it publickly, you can use the Secure Note feature.


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