Gallery - Auto pull images through to essential grid

Hi Guys,

I am sure there is a really simple answer to this question - well I hope.

My client isn’t great with technology.

I want to create a gallery to show off her photos. I’m thinking essential grid (is that the best solution?)

She wants to be able to upload them herself when she has new images but she will also want to change the order occasionally.
I think Essential Grid will be too complicated for her to upload to and understand.

I know WordPress has a native gallery but I can’t build it into the page because I don’t trust her to edit the page without deleting something important.

Is there a way for her to upload the images into a simple gallery post type similar to the WordPress gallery and then for them to auto display in a page using an Essential Grid shortcode?

Sorry if this is complicated.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Niall,

Thanks for reaching out.

You can use Essential Grid extension to show any custom post type like simple gallery and can set any number of posts to show.
So any number of images uploaded to the specified post type will be shown into the Essential Grid shortcode.

Hope it works for you.


Hi Tristup!

Thanks for your response!

Great. But how would I get to the custom post type “simple gallery”?

Then would I just add all the pictures in wordpress gallery and Essential Grid will pull them through?


Hi Niall,

Regretfully, no such post type is available in our theme.
Now if you want to add any custom post type, please go through this article:
Once you add any Custom Post Type that will be visible in the list of post types in the Essential Grid type and category section.
You can also hire a developer who can assist you to do this for you.

Please remember that we don’t offer any support to the custom codes or any issues related to it. Also, Third-party plugins issues are not covered in theme support.


Hi Tristup

Thanks for your response.

I have enabled the custom post type that comes with Essential Grid called “Ess. Grid Posts”

I cannot however figure out how to make the Grid pull thought a gallery of images?

You will see a post that I have created and have set up Essential grid too.

Hi @Niall,

Once you choose the specific post type while creating a new Ess grid, the data will be pulled automatically from the selected post types based on the condition set.
Now you just need to copy the shortcode and put it into the desired page or post to get the gallery in the frontend. To know more on Essential Grid please go through this article:

Please remember to check whether the specified post type has the existing posts to show in the grid.
Hope it helps.


Hi Tristup,

No that doesn’t help.

As I said. It isn’t working. I have placed the shortcode on this page, however it is not displaying.

Hi Niall

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Please let us know the shortcode that you have created and name of the Custom Post Type so that we can check properly.

In order to help you better, please share your credentials in a secure note. Please provide the following details

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts


Hi @PrakashS

Thank you very much.

The shortcode is [ess_grid alias=“Gallery”]

The custom post type is Ess. Grid Posts - Post is titled Gallery

The page it is supposed to be working on is

I have placed the shortcode in a content area however it isn’t doing anything.

Thanks so much for your assistance.

Hi Niall,

Essential Grid, pulled the featured image of the post to show. Here I found that no image was assigned to the specific post, when added the featured image it shows on the gallery page.
I also tried by adding a new post to the essential custom post type and that also shown on the page.
So while adding any post please assigned the Featured Image to show in the Essential Grid element.


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