Mega Menu (UberMenu) with static submenu items

First, thank you for all of the perfect advice in the past. It’s rare that I need to reach out for help, but when I do, the help is awesome.

I am putting a megamenu into the footer. I tried with the Wordpress Mega Menu first. Then I tried by adding the UberMenu plugin.

I need the submenu items to be static (always visible). In particular, I need a “row” of inert column headings that are always visible, and columns of submenu items that are always visible under each column heading.

I’ve used a great many different settings and configurations in trying to get things to work. But here’s where things are now:

The first menu item is [row]. I created it using ubermenu, row.

indented once, I have “info” and “shopping” which I have selected “stack” for both. They say this means the items beneath will always be visible. The items beneath info and shopping are indented one more place.

The is one checkbox I marked within appearance>ubermenu>submenus Experimental . Horizontal menus only. This will force the submenu of the current menu item open and will not close.

As I mentioned above, I have tried many other settings, but I am not getting the results I need. Could you let me know what I need to do?


Hello Ray,

Thank you for the information. You must select the submenu option that allows the submenu to display at all time. Perhaps this documentations can help:

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Hi Ray,

I have logged in and created a test menu. I also edited your custom footer. It seems that Ubermenu has a limited feature not enough to meet the requirements to accomplish what you have in mind. Since you want to display fulltime fully visible menu items, we highly recommend that you go to Pro > Global Blocks and create a block that contains a section, rows, columns, and buttons with transparent backgrounds as if it is just a normal link. Once you are done with the global block, you can insert it into one of your footer bar containers. This is the most and easiest way to create what you have in mind.

Hope this makes sense.

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Thanks for checking into this for me. I had wondered if perhaps buttons could be used. I had never used the global blocks, but I just set up the menu using your instructions and it worked well. As a note of interest, when first placing the global block into the container within a bar, my entire menu extended vertically beyond the upper and lower bounds of the bar. While doing so, the links that were exposed were not clickable even though they had links attached. Once I increased the height of the bar so that the entire block fit into the bar, all links became clickable. Thanks for the help, it worked out great, and I learned to use another tool -the global block.

You are most welcome Ray.
We really appreciate letting us know very positive feedback from you.

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