Column Layout Not Working After Cornerstone Update


I updated cornerstone, but now when I try to make more than one column in a row, it just stacks the columns instead of laying them out side by side.

Can someone please help? Maybe I’m not doing something right with the new features of the update.

Hello Rob,

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Are you using Cornerstone 4.0? If that is the case, please check out this video to get familiar with the new row element and how you can set up the columns.

For other layout tricks, please visit our Youtube channel here:

When I click on the column layout it doesn’t lay out the columns side by side, it stacks them.

I watched the video. I am starting a section, then a new row, and clicking on the column layout within the row. Say I click on four columns. It automatically stacks the four columns instead of laying them out side by side like it shows in the video.

Hey Rob,

That sounds like Cornerstone’s generated CSS is broken. That usually is caused by syntax errors in custom CSS placed in the Content CSS area or Element CSS. I see a lot of custom CSS in your site. Please check all your custom CSS if they contain syntax errors. You can paste your CSS in CSS validation tools like

If there’s no problem with your CSS, the issue could be coming from your theme or a third-party plugin. The safest way to troubleshoot without the risk of breaking your site though is you copy your site to a staging server and switch to the default WordPress theme and deactivate all plugins except Cornerstone then test if the issue persists. If it’s fixed, you will need to contact the theme author (if the theme is causing the issue) or the plugin author.

If none those are causing the issue, please give us the following in a Secure Note so we can investigate deeper.

  • Staging WordPress Login URL
  • Admin Username and Password
  • Staging FTP access


I was having the same problem. I solved it by clearing the cache on the browser. !!

Hello Rob,

Thanks for updating in! We are just glad that you have figured out that by clearing the browser cache will correct the said issue. We really appreciate for letting us know!


Hi @dianesanfilippo,

Please remember to only share site credentials on your own thread because it is visible on the original owner of this thread.

I visited the specific page you have shared. The columns are side by side as expected.

You do have an image 21 DAY SUGAR DETOX on the left and a text element on the right.

If the issue persists on your side, we need you to open a new thread. Share the credentials there instead and then give us a screencast/screenshot on how it is on your side so we can investigate again. No need to reply on this thread. Thank you.

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