Add Heading to Store Page

Hello Joseph,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

Have you changed the WordPress admin URL as /wp-admin/ or wp-login.php is not working and giving 404 error message?

Please share the admin URL for us to take a closer look.


My apologies Prasant,

It appears I forgot a “b” in the slug for my different WordPress admin URL. I have corrected it now.


Hey Joe,

Thank you for the credentials. I checked your setup and I see you’re using Pro Headers. Please note, with Pro Header, the shop header which is part of the landmark title will not display. As a work around you can edit your header in the header builder and insert a text element with this awesome_landmark shortcode from this thread:

Hope this helps!

Hello Nabeel,

This seems like it has a lot of code that I do not need. I was just hoping to find a way to add this to my store index page and my blog index page as they do not have a heading on their respective pages. Is there no other way to enable a title?


Hi Joe,

Dynamic content are now available on Pro builders. Try this:
1.) Duplicate the current header you are using for blog index and store index page.
2.) Assign this new header to this blog index and store index page.
3.) Edit this header, add a headline element.
4.) On this headline element, click the dynamic content icon, choose title. Design this title as needed. This will display the respective title for these pages.

Hope this helps.

I am not seeing this? This is what I am seeing? How do I get the Shop title back?

Hello @mikewolf1127,

Are you using Integrity stack in Pro Theme? Please keep in mind that the Shop title is part of the landmark header which is also part of the theme’s header. If you have created a custom header and assigned it globally, the custom header replaces the default header which is why the Shop Title (the landmark header) no longer displays. It has been replaced with whatever bar and elements you have added in your custom header. To display back the landmark header inside your custom header, you might want to check out this thread:

Hope this helps.

So the options disappear in the Customizer a well?

What about bread crumbs? Do they no longer display with a custom Header?

Hi Joe,

The option is still there and will still work on LEGACY HEADER only.

Since you choose to use PRO HEADER instead, we have to add it now on the builder using the dynamic element. Yes, it’s the same scenario for breadcrumbs. You may add breadcrumbs element instead.

Hope this helps.

OK. But I amusing a side menu. How can I add a header on the shop page only?

And I am not seeing the option in the customizer…

[These are tall vertical images. Can you see the whole image?]

This is the WP Customizer-

This is the Pro Customizer-

Hello @mikewolf1127,

Please be advised that we have moved all the theme-related settings away from the Customizer. What you currently have in the Customizer is the available settings for the basic WooCommerce and WordPress settings. All of our theme settings are now located in Pro > Theme Options.

As we have mentioned, you cannot add a header to the shop page especially if you have created a custom header. What you can do is to create another custom header with the provided Awesome Landmark header in it and then assign this header for your shop page. The same goes with the breadcrumbs. You will need to edit the custom header add the breadcrumb element and the awesome landmark shortcode so that this will display in the page this header being assigned to.

Hope this helps.

Yes, I’ m aware ot that. What I am showing you is that the Pro > Integrity > Shop Options are not showing up in the Pro Theme Options. In fact Shop Options isn’t showing up at all.

Hi @mikewolf1127,

Sorry for the confusion, this issue is peculiar I even updated my WooCommerce to 3.7.0 and WP thinking it is a latest version compatibility issue, but it’s not.

For now, please do testing for a plugin conflict. You can do this by deactivating all third party plugins, and seeing if the problem remains. If it’s fixed, you’ll know a plugin caused the problem, and you can narrow down which one by reactivating them one at a time.

If that did not work, please try switching to parent PRO theme, the issue might be on your child theme.

If the issue persists, since this is not your own ticket, please create a new ticket and provide us your login credentials in there in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


Deactivated all plugins except for WooCommerce. Switched from the Pro Child to the Pro theme.

Same issue.

WP Version 5.2.3
WooCommerce 3.7.0

Here’s the Woo system status report…

Hi @mikewolf1127,

In that case, please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.

And you might want to create your own thread for security measure because the original poster of this ticket will be able to see your secure note if you write it here, and this ticket is getting longer and harder to follow. Please write a new thread.

How To Get Support


What is the latest version of WooCommerce you support in Pro?

Hi Mike,

The latest supported version is 3.6.5.
You can check it here:

I also double check my local test server and the Shop Title is present. In your case, it is different because it is empty. Your Pro theme files might be corrupted or something. I would like to check your site set up. Would you mind providing us access to your site so that we can check your settings and resolve the issue? Please create a new thread first and then add a secure note with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WordPress Admin username / password

To know how to create a secure note, please check this out:

A new thread is highly recommend so that only you and our staff can see your WP details.


OK. Made progress…

I have my Pro Header set to GLOBAL.

When I disable GLOBAL for my header the options come back.

When I make the Pro header GLOBAL again, the options go away.


If I choose to display the Pro Header selectively on the Front Page, the Posts Page, All Pages and All Posts- which is essentially global, the options do NOT go away!

Hello Mike,

Yes, that would be the case. When the custom header is set to Global, there is no use for the shop option title. The landmark header will not display. And if there is no global custom header, then the option should display somewhere with the default theme header.


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