Anchor links jumping instead of scrolling

Hi guys,

I’ve done anchor links a million times, but for some reason this new site’s anchor links are JUMPING down instead of scrolling. I can’t find the reason anywhere!

Please can you have a look and let me know :slight_smile: (Navbar menu)

Kind thanks,

Hello Chris,

Thanks for writing in!

The one page navigation needs to be enabled first before the smooth scrolling feature will take effect. Please check out this documentation to know how to properly set up One Page Navigation.

Hope this helps.

Hey guys,

Thanks for that, but that didn’t work and it ONLY seems to be a Chrome issue. Smooth scrolling anchor links working fine on MS Edge and other browsers.

Do you guys have ANY idea why it would be happening and how to fix?
I found one solution about adding: body { overflow: visible;} but that’s not working either.

Please help!


Hey @chris,

Sorry for the confusion. You don’t need to use the One Page Navigation feature to achieve smooth scrolling jump links as this should be the normal behavior in our themes. The One Page Navigation option is now just a menu selection tool for a page.

I do see that the smooth scroll works in other browsers except for Chrome so there might be something specific in your site that is conflicting with Chrome. I’ve tested in my site and the jump links scrolls smoothly in Chrome as well as other browsers.

I see you’re using an optimization plugin (W3 Total Cache), would you mind clearing all caches and then deactivate it?

If that doesn’t help, please give us WordPress Login Details in a Secure Note so there’s an increased chance we see what is causing the issue.


Hi Christian

Info provided in the secure note on my previous message above.

Thank you

Hello Chris,

I can confirm that this is a bug. We already have reported this to our developers.
once they’ve fix this, a new update release cycle will be rolling out.

Please bear with us.

Hello there,

Ok thanks for letting me know! We appreciate that you guys looked into it and that there’s a plan coming.

Kind thanks,

You’re most welcome, Chris.

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