Cornerstone One Page Problem

Cornerstone is interacting with one of my pages. I used another page editing plugin first and it seemed to cause this issue. I deleted the plugin, but I still can’t get cornerstone to work with this page. It appears to be specific to one page and not other pages. This one page was the page I edited with both editor plugins. I deleted the page and recreated a new one. Not sure what to try next. Any suggestions on what to do?

Hey Bryan,

Visiting the page you’re trying to open with Cornerstone, it redirects to the home page. Cornerstone will not preview pages that are being redirected. Please try removing the redirection.

If removing the redirection doesn’t help, please give us WordPress Admin and FTP access in a Secure Note.


Hi Bryan,

Cornerstone will not work on that specific page because its content is controlled by a plugin Ultimate Member.

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