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I am using Metaslider for this slideshow but the images are showing up too big. I punched in the numbers for minimum and maximum height and width but it still looks fuzzy and blurry.

This is what it looks like:

But I want it to look sharper like this:

The dimensions are 750x450. If I can’t fix it, then I will be using the Envira gallery and they can click on the images and download the PDFs. I included the slider in case people want to just take a quick look. It might be redundant though. I am not sure what the best approach is.


Hi Grace,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I tried to check your page but it seems like either it’s not published yet or is a private page so couldn’t check your setup.

I’d recommend you to use either Layer Slider or Revolution Slider instead of Metaslider as both of them are compatible and comes with the theme for free.

Hope this helps!

I published the page so you can view it now. Can you just have a look to see how it can be fixed? I am just curious if it can be fixed. Ok I will try Revolution Slider. Layer Slider plugin isn’t updating. Is Revolution Slider better? Are there templates I can use? Do you have any video tutorials for Revolution Slider? I don’t have to purchase a full version to get full support do I? I plan on purchasing the full version of Envira Gallery just to get the addons for my photography page. I seems that with these limited versions there isn’t quite the support that I can get unless I purchase the full version.

Hi Grace,

Like my colleague suggested, I would also suggest you use the Layer Slider or Slider Revolution, as we really don’t offer any investigation or support to 3rd party plugins.
Regarding the two slider plugins referred, have their own sets of functionalities and features and documentation, you can check their official site for those:

  1. Layer Slider:
  2. Slider Revolution:

It’s really hard to compare these two as we don’t have a complete feature list that would compare both. Also, you need to purchase the premium versions of these plugins to use the premium features like a template.
You can go through the above documentation to get the features if that is useful to you or not.
The following video will help you on the Slider Revolution and Layer Slider:

  1. Slider Revolution:
  2. Layer Slider:


Thank you so much to both of you. I think I will use Slider Revolution. I certainly don’t want to use a slideshow plugin that is not quite compatible with your theme which will cause me other problems.

I see that Envira Gallery also has a slideshow option. Which one is better?


Hi Grace,

The Envira Gallery extension also has the option to create the galleries with the slideshow option. It’s really hard to compare Envira Gallery & Slider Revolution, as we don’t have a complete feature list that would compare both.
You can go through the following documentation to get the features if that is useful to you or not.

  1. Envira Gallery official documentation:
  2. Slider Revolution official documentation:


Where would I purchase Envira Gallery? or Envato? The people at Envira Gallery said to only purchase it there yet they give 6 months support on Envato.

Yet when I asked the people at about the difference in price and support, I got this answer:
”Thanks for reaching out. We are not related to Envato at all. We only work through“

I am really confused and don’t want to purchase the wrong gallery plugin for this theme! Which is the correct plugin?

Hey Grace,

You don’t need to buy the Envira Gallery plugin as it comes with the theme . You only need to validate the theme to install any bundled extension.

Once your theme is validated, you can find and install the plugin via Pro > Validation or X > Validation for X then look for Envira Gallery . Click Install

To learn more about Envira Gallery please visit

Hope this helps!

I did that already nabeel but the issue is, I won’t get the Addons for protection of my photos. At least I get that with the Basic purchase. Is this not correct?

Hello Grace,

The add-ons are offered by the Envira Gallery author, You will have to purchase the “Envira Gallery” plugin from the plugin author.

Just to clarify, if a plugin is bundled in a theme like Envira Gallery in X/Pro, there is no license for the bundled plugins.

The license is required to activate premium features such as the Social Sharing Addon, Albums Addon etc.


Exactly! So then I purchase it from Envira Gallery and not Envato? Why is it on Envato for a different price unless that is a different product. This is confusing.

Let‘s just say I purchase it. Do I delete the plugin that came with Pro and upload the one I purchased from the author of Envira Gallery?

Hello Grace,

You can delete the Envira Gallery plugin and reinstall the plugin or you can only activate the licence of the plugin since the bundled plugin is the same copy of the plugin and 100% functional.

As I mentioned, the license is required to activate premium features such as the Social Sharing Addon, Albums Addon etc


If I delete the Envira Gallery that comes with Pro and upload the one I purchased, will it delete the gallery that I created? Should I just add the license and if so, where should I do this? Thanks.

Hello Grace,

You do not have to delete the Envira Gallery. If you already have the plugin license, you can automatically register it.

We have removed the Settings page from Envira Gallery and Soliloquy per some code provided by Thomas (plugin author) as we provide them in an “integrated” fashion. You can add this back in if you have extensions you would like to use by adding a function to your functions.php file in your child theme like so:

add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'x_show_envira_license' );

function x_show_envira_license() {
  remove_action( 'envira_gallery_admin_styles', 'x_envira_gallery_hide_key_box' );
  remove_action( 'admin_print_scripts', 'x_envira_gallery_hide_license_errors', 20 );

This will overwrite our custom functionality in /x/functions/global/plugins/envira-gallery.php and should make things behave in a default manner again.

Keep in mind that this will also display the no valid license warning as well, so if you don’t have a personal license or plan on using Envira extensions it is recommended you do not overwrite this.

If nothing is helping, provide us access to your site so that we can check your settings. Please create a secure note with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WP login URL
– WP username
– WP password
– WP Administrator Role

To know how to create a secure note, please check this out: How The Forum Works

Best Regards.

I just registered the license. It wasn’t registered before so do I have to even do anything now? Do I have to add this code to the bottom of the functions.php page? Is it necessary to add it or since I registered the license can I use the Addons now?

Hi Grace,

The referred code in the last thread is to suppress the WordPress notice regarding the “License”. You don’t need to add this as you have already had the license.
As you have already registered the license, you can now use the premium features of the said plugin.


Thanks so much tristup and the rest of you guys who responded to this thread.

Hi Grace,

You’re welcome and it’s our pleasure to help you. If you have any other concerns, feel free to reach us.

Thank you.

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