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how to display a search filter on / task
For the filter to be displayed on the page of the archive of tasks and the archive of their categories, you can place the following code in the archive.php file of the used theme

I need to do this, how to give birth to this in a child theme? Why is the task page not working. I cannot edit it


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the site bar works, but on the page itself there is no option to edit and install a shortcode

I need to change the template in the child theme, that’s why I asked

I had to put the blinker code in the header, I like how it is now, but I want to be able to set up task

Have access to control
task in child theme come in handy in future

no result


Please be advised that with the recent release of the Pro theme, you do not need to edit the archive.php to have a custom layout for your Tasks. All you need to do is use the new Layout builder to create a custom layout for your tasks archive page. You can even insert the “FNG Search Form” shortcode in your custom layout. We may recommend that you check out the following documentation and video tutorials first?

Hope this helps.

Отлично , спасибо я буду смотреть

Hope the videos help, @MIGELANDREY. Also, just so you know, forum support is provided in English. Thanks.

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