Background upper layer not displaying on iPhone

Hi, I see that you’ve already addressed this issue but the solution is not really a solution IMHO. Here’s what you say on Feb. 20 about this:

“To correctly use background image, please insert the background image in the upper layer while setting a solid color in the lower layer. This is to make sure that the moment your background image does not display, the solid color still gives a darker color background so that the text will be readable.”

The whole point of using the upper layer for the solid color (black at 60% opacity in my case) is to darken the background image so that white text is readable over the top of the image, not over the top of some random solid color.

In my case the background image is also set to parallax, so simply saying that a solid color will solve the problem does nothing to address the fact that if there’s no image then there’s no parallax effect.

Of course I can just make the image separately in Photoshop with the tinted black top layer and save as a flattened jpg, which is what I’ve had to do in order to make the image look the same on desktop and mobile, but it would be nice if the features of Pro worked the same on both desktop and mobile (on desktop the 60% black upper layer displays just fine).

Is there a new solution to this I haven’t found?


This is really strange but somehow the footer settings are what affected the missing background upper layer on a page using iPhone. I was having issues with the site sticking on iPhone and not being able to scroll, and I found a solution to that here in the forum that suggested removing padding from footer and setting height to auto. I did that and not only did it fix the scrolling problem for the entire site, it also fixed the missed background upper layer problem on the page itself, which is separate from the footer!

Okay, scratch that, background upper layer only showing up randomly on iPhone, still having the same issue as originally stated

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I’m not the admin for the site I’m working on but the url is this:

You won’t be able to tell what’s happening as I simply uploaded a pre-darkened image on the Background Lower Layer and left the Background Upper Layer set to None.

Hey David,

We have checked the URL and yes, there is only a darkened image with no upper layer color.

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