Change header background color in Icon stack

Trying to change the header background color in the Icon stack. I figured out how to change the menu bar color. But the CSS I am trying is not changing the the header background color. Looked in old support tickets too, but not finding the proper CSS for this edit. Thanks!

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Have you checked this old thread already?

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I know how to change the background of the site. And this CSS seems to help me change the background of the nav bar (which helps if I decide to do that. I was looking to just change the background color of the header area above the nav bar. I’m using the Icon stack, and have the logo stacked on the nav bar and position is static top. is the site.


Hi Chris,

The site is under construction, I’m not sure if you’re referring to the logo bar or Top bar. So I’ll provide both.

Add this to your Theme Options > CSS

.x-stack-icon .x-topbar {
	background-color: red;

/*Logo bar*/
.x-stack-icon .x-logobar {
	background-color: blue;

If that did not work, there might be a syntax error somewhere on your existing custom CSS. Please check all your custom CSS here and address the errors.

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Totally forgot that I had the home page set to that coming soon page…but you figured it out. That CSS works perfectly. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

You are most welcome, @444media!
It’s good to know that we were able to help you out.

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