Reassigning License Missing from Account

Hi there,

I have two theme X licenses bought via themeforest. I have deleted an existing website that hosts one theme and wish to transfer it to a new site. However, when I access the apex information it shows that I only have one license instead of two. This license belongs to the website I wish to keep.

I don’t know how I can resolve this issue to show both licenses in my account (especially when they both show in themeforest account) and then what I need to do to reassign the license.

Please advise.


Hey @TJayne,

There are 2 possibilities why your license was not included in your account.

1. The license was registered to another account. In this case, you need to login to the other account and unlock the license so you can register it to your current account. See #2 below.

If you forgot the email of the other account, we can post the email in a secure note if you’ll provide the license key. Please post sensitive information in a Secure Note.

2. The license was not registered here in Apex at all. In this case, you need to register the license in your Licenses Page:


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