Background image is the latest posts featured image in each section on blog archive

Could you advise what the correct dynamic code should be to set the background image for every section on the blog page is dynamically linked to the latest post in that section?
I can see how to simple link featured image under post, but I would like each section to have a different background.

Many thanks Rob

Hi Rob,

To set the featured image as your section background, just click the small icon in your background then look for the featured image.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

Hi Marc, thank you for the input here. I have tried this method. The thing is that the same post-image appears in each section on the same page. I have set various post taxonomies (by category) to 4 different sections on the page. Can I still get each section to pull through the most recent posts “featured image” in each section?

Hello Rob,

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Hi Rob,

You can specify the specific post id while adding the Featured Image using Dynamic Content. Just click into the settings icon beside the Featured Image, and select the Specific Post to enter the ID for it. Please find the screenshot given below.

test-new-Content-Pro (18)

Hope it helps.

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