Text over image / text over another level

Hi there,

I updated an X theme.
Now I have a few mistakes.

The writing on the homepage is no longer above the picture. (The text does not go into the picture.)

Could you please help me?

Hey @webworker,

The Column element now has Z Index option to open up more design possibilities.

For your case, you need to set the Z Index of the left column higher than the z-index of the right column.


Hope that helps.

Hey @christian,
thank you for your support.
Sorry, I’m new to the theme. Where can I find the setting?

Hey @webworker,

You can find the z-index settings by inspecting the Column in Cornerstone/Content Builder (see screenshot)

If you don’t see the Overflow & Z-index option then you first need to enable the Advanced Mode. To do that navigate to Preferences:

Then turn on the Advanced Mode:


Then you should be able to see the following settings for the Column:

Let us know how this goes!

Sorry for my stupidity.
I have activated the “Advanced Mode”. However, nothing is displayed. I am desperate.

Hey @webworker,

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Hi there,
Thanks a lot! Here’s the data.

Hello @webworker,

You are using the classic section, row, and column elements. This is why even if the ADVANCED MODE was already enabled, you are only seeing a limited element option. To get your issue resolved, you will need to insert z-index: 10; in the style field of the first column element.

Check your page now.

Thanks! It is working.

Hi @webworker,

Glad that it working for you.


Hi there,
how do I get out of the classic view?

Hi @webworker,

I didn’t clearly understand of what do you mean by classic view? Can you explain it furthermore and providing screenshot or video is a big help.

Thank you.

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