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can someone please explain how I can enable horizontal scrollbar on the pages. I have content that is only visible on a pc, on mobile or small devices there is no scrollbar appearing.

Hi Brad,

Thank you for writing in, but I am not entirely certain of what you’re trying to do. The Theme is responsive in nature, there’s no need for Horizontal scrollbar and it is not ideal.

Maybe your missing content issue on mobile has something to do with Hide During Breakpoint feature.

Please clarify.

I am using visual composer so the option mentioned isn’t available. Here is a print screen of what is happening with small screens/mobile. Half the results and search form is missing.

Hi Brad,

Thank you for clarification, would you mind using the Cornerstone instead of the Visual Composer for building that page and see if the form looks fine.

If the issue persists, please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


The reason I use Visual composer is it allows me to use the PHP Everywhere plugin. I need to add php code (to connect to remote database). Visual composer allows this where Cornerstone doesn’t.

Hi Brad,

Would you mind providing a sample URL where this form is? But yes, it’s normal for mobile browser since it’s not the same as in desktop. Please check this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22907777/make-scrollbar-visible-in-mobile-browsers and implement the suggested CSS to Theme Options > CSS


Hi Rad,

Iframe would not work in this case as I am using WP as the rolebase to access the database. PHPanywhere was used because it allows me to use php within workpress.

I have added a link for you. you can just click Submit on that form and it will load data.

Hello Brad,

Well in that case, you will have to apply the given code in this url:

You will need to insert a custom for your content band or VC row and then apply the custom css.

Hope this make sense.

Hi RuelNel,

I just tried that and it gives me vertical scroll, not horizontal.

I am guessing this theme will not allow scrolling then? Is there anyway to have the Cornerstone builder allow this plugin to work? Or enable the ability to use PHP in this theme?

I managed to get it to work however not with this theme. The only way I can get horizontal scroll is if I revert back to using that basic theme like Twenty Seventeen and use this plugin.

I can’t get X theme to work at all with this.

Hi Brad,

Sorry to hear that.

Please note that you can also make horizontal scroll using CSS


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