Google Fonts not showing in PRO

Hi there

I have a general problem with the websites where I use the PRO theme. When I select a Google Font for Headings and Body they are not displayed on the site. Only when I use the Classic Headline element the selected font is displayed directly. If I choose the newer headline element it always uses Open Sans if inherit is selected and if I switch to headline it displays like a font couldn’t be loaded.

Best, Christian

Hi Christian,

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Hi Christinan,

Thanks for reaching out.

It’s only normal for classic elements to inherit the Theme Options typography setting, as for v2 elements, I recommend turning on font manager in Theme Options > Typography > ENABLE FONT MANAGER. This will allow you to use the font templates that you created instead of just the font you have configured in the dropdown. Please check this for more information

And once font templates are created, you can use it for your v2 elements or your Theme Options’ Typography.


Hi Rad

Thanks for your reply. I enabled the font manager and defined Rubik as Heading and Body Copy. But if I chose it in the typography settings it turned out to be Times. So I created a new style ‘Titelschrift’. And there’s the same problem with that one. May you have a look again?

Hi @freipartner,

I don’t see any heading from your screenshot, headings are headlines. I assume you’re referring to the menu, for that, please edit your header and change your menu font setting.

Plus, the menu will not inherit the heading’s font since it’s not a headline.


Hi Rad

I see, I’m still getting to know all the basics for the PRO theme.
Amazing, thank you so much!

Best, Christian

You’re always welcome Christian!


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