Specific page and Children Looper

I want to have a cell that contains information about a specific page, in this case “Demos & Tests”.

The outer red box is my cell. It is a looper provider that uses a query to get the specific page.

The first gold div is a consumer and I have a headline the gets the current page title

The red div right below that is another provider, within the first provider. It gets the current page children. Inside it I have a consumer to get all those page titles.

It works except, no matter what I change, it only grabs one of the child pages, in this case “Font Examples”. There should be four child pages.

Can you tell me what I’m missing in order to get all the children?

Hello @Sheri17,

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Please make sure that you have assigned the pages appropriately. You may also check out this video:

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I’m creating/testing this on my local server. I was able to modify one of the built in post listing elements to accomplish this. Thanks!

You are most welcome.

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