CF7 forms do not work

Hello, I have a very strange issue with all of my Contact forms on the website:

I see there is a bug of not showing a success message popup, which is also my case. BUT my forms don’t get submited at ALL. It wors for the first time once the cache is cleared, and then not anymore.

When I deactivate WooCommerce or PRO Theme, then it wokrs normally.

I use all the latest versions of plugins, theme and PHP

This must always work 100% of the time, not submiting a form is a huge problem.

Please help!

Hello @hermesadamm,

Thanks for writing to us.

It might be the issue of cache or any plugin conflict maybe cache issue. I would suggest you troubleshoot with a few of the common issues before we investigate your settings.

  1. Testing for Plugin Conflict
  2. CSS/JS Customization
  3. Version Compatibility
  4. Disabling Cache

If it doesn’t work for you, please share your details in a secure note. Please provide the following details

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts


Hello I already did all testings with plugins. I also was in contact with CF7 developers and they conffirmed this is a PRO thheme fault and advised me not to use the theme. As I did everything in the theme, I need to use it.

I tried removing the CSS/JS codes, had no change. Also cache was never active. Problem goes away as soon as you use another theme.

From the homepage there is only one CF to get stardet. As soon as it is submitted, webpage redirects to step 1, then Step 2 where there is another CF to order, and then when it gets submited it redirects to payment.
This works for a first time or two. But as soon as you go to a homepage again and start the proccess again, it gets stuck. This needs to work 100% of the times, as it is crutial for ordering on the website.

Please take a look, I added secure note in the comment above.

Hello @hermesadamm,

The form I have tested clearly submitted because it does display a sent message.

By the way, Pro 4.2.3 is now available in automatic updates! This release contains fixes for several issues like you have mentioned above, so be sure to check out the changelog ( Please do update to the latest version. After doing the updates, always remember to clear all caches when updating so that the code from the latest release is always in use. This will help you to avoid any potential errors.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

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