Youtube Stream playing without sound

Hi, I’ve embedded a Youtube Stream into my web page and the video(s) autoplays and functions properly, however it doesn’t have sound and I can’t find an option front or back-end to activate it. Is it possible to have this activate as part of the Youtube controls on the front end so it’s optional for the user to play with sound?


Hi David,

Thank you for writing in, do you use Chrome browser? Can you test it on Firefox? Please do mind that Chrome has an Autoplay Policy which mute all autoplaying video.


I tried testing in Firefox and it still plays muted. I’m happy for it to start muted initially as long as there’s a way I can add a control button to activate sound, is this possible?? Seems very limited to only be able to stream videos muted.

Hi David,

Did you embed the video as a background? If so, then yeah that’s not going to have controls and be muted.

If you need the video to have controls, please add it as an Embedded video element. To do this, right-click your Youtube video and copy embed code.

Then paste that code to the Video embed element.

Hope it helps,

Hi, as mentioned I’m playing the video(s) through a Youtube Stream, practically identical to the Youtube Stream rev slider template. I need the main video to be the most recent from the Youtube channel and displayed on the front-end. If there is a way to modify the Youtube Stream template to allow sound or the addition of a sound button I’d love to hear it!

Thanks for the clarification, please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


Hi @cdyproductions,

Thank you for the credentials. Is it the homepage? I am seeing revslider there with Youtube stream. Is that where the issue is? Can you try settings Controls to ON:

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Thanks Lely, that’s it!!

You’re welcome!
We’re just glad we were able to help you out.

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