Essential Grid grids not showing on mobile

Hello there,

I have added a few Essential Grid galleries to my website and everything’s working perfectly on laptops and desktops, but not on any other mobile phone. I already tried to implement some of the solutions suggested on these forums and somewhere else, but nothing seems to helping…

Can you figure something out?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Alberto,

Thank you for writing in, but I don’t see any Essential Grid on your site, I only see a Revolution Slider, please clarify…

And if you don’t mind, please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


Hi Friech,

Right, Revolution Slider it’s on the Homepage, but if from the header above your select Visual Clue and then one of the Gallery pages, you’ll see what I mean.

Hi Alberto,

I made some troubleshooting. First, I have duplicate 1 grid. You can see Grid 3. I have choose another skin on this GRID 3. The issue persist. This means the issue is not coming from custom skin.

On frontend, weirdly enough I saw the height of the grid is set to 0. Then I found out it is because of 250px left and right padding set on GRID SETTINGS TAB > PADDINGS. Note on mobile, the screen is narrow, when you put 250px padding on left and right, there’s nothing left for the content area. So I remove it instead. Visualcluetext4 grid is now showing on mobile. It is still fullwidth though. I have set this GRID LAYOUT to BOXED so it will follow the width of its container which is the SECTION > ROW width on Content editor.

If you don’t want the grid to show fullwidth, no need to add padding on Essential grid. See it here:
On section 1 > Inspect ROW.
I have set Inner Container Option to OFF.
Set maximum width for the ROW. Currently, I have set it to 1000px. Adjust accordingly.

Please repeat the process on other Grids and other ROW.

Hope this helps.

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