Raw html blocks not editable after saving

I keep running into the same issue, whenever I add shortcodes or raw code into an element like Classic Raw or even a normal text box - as soon as I save the page it’s no longer editable.

After I’ve saved the page it no longer lets you select or edit the code on that element, only showing the containing row and the image below. I’ve tried turning off lots of plugins to see if that made any difference but it still always shows the same message.

This happens on all pages and on a couple of different site and servers, any ideas how to fix this?

Hey Mark,

The error message in the element tells us what the issue is. It says that the HTML you inserted in the Raw Content element does have a syntax error.

If clicking the element does not open the Element Inspector, use the Skeleton Mode in the Editor and click on the Inspect icon.

Once you have access to the Raw Content element’s content, cut the HTML code and paste the code in HTML validators like http://htmlhint.com/

If you don’t see the interface that showed you, please ensure everything is up to date. You can see the latest version in our Changelog.

If there’s no syntax error in your code, please give us your site’s WordPress Login URL, Admin Username and Password in a Secure Note


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