Sort Function NOT Collapsing

Does the Sort function no longer collapse ?

Before the Sort function was collapsed until you clicked on the “SORT PORTFOLIO” button, now all of the words are shown.

I do NOT want to show all of the sort words, how do I collapse the SORT PORTFOLIO search words ?

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The issue has been addressed here on this thread. Please have a look at it.

Hope it helps

I added the code in Global JS, no change

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Hello @d2b5d075_a5a7_43d8_a281_1f486e3d31e9,

I have checked your Portfolio and it seems fixed now. One thing to know on this page is that by default, the portfolio page will load 24 items regardless of the category. You can filter out the items by category using the button. However, there is only 1 item or no item loaded in the click category, it does not load other items which is not present on the page. You will have to go page 2 and another batch of items is loaded again.

One thing to understand is that the purpose of this button is only to sort portfolio items by category loaded within the page. For example, in your portfolio page, you have 24 items loaded in page 1. If you select “Shaded Brow”, nothing will display because none out of the 24 items in the page has been assign or that belongs to that category.

Hope this helps.

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