Adobe Typekit Refresh Problem

For the first time since I started using Pro a long time ago, I’m trying to use Adobe Typekit to load a font i want to use. I’ve created the web project, and input the project ID. When I click the refresh button, it says, “Your project was not found. Please check to make sure the project ID is correct and try again.” I’ve verified that it is correct, and have tried refreshing several times.

The website is hosted on SiteGround and I’m developing it out using a staging server.

I’ve found another issue. When I try to validate Pro on the staging server, it seems to work. But then the page regreshed and it tells me my license of Pro is not validated. Could this issue be related?

I’ve deleted the staging server and am working on my main domain. The issue of validation is resolved, but I’m still trying to get Typekit to work. Same issue on the main domain.

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