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I’m using a custom post type with WP categories. I have created a custom layout displaying post types, but i can’t seem to filter them on the current category. I also cannot get the pagination to work properly. Here the layout is assigned to the custom post type: and here to a category:

On the page “Indhold” the pagination doesn’t work.
On the category “Budskab”, only this post is supposed to show:

Is this feature simply not possible, or am i doing something wrong? Attached below, i have a few of the settings show:

Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 17.35.53

Hi @Johanschack,

Thanks for reaching out.

To fully understand the loopers functionality, please check these videos.

Please find more details on the Pagination:

Hope that helps.


Hi Marc

This did not help me, as i’ve already seen the videos and i’ve already tried what the links say.

What i’m trying to achieve is showing the posts of my custom post type in each category archive page. Firstly, i cannot seem to filter posts to the current category and secondly, i can’t seem to get the pagination to work either (most likely because of the first issue isn’t fixed yet).

Hello @Johanschack,

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Thank you.

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