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On this site - - I have used nice parallax images on each separate travel-destination page. However, they now appear very large and pixelated and I haven’t changed any of them. Possibly an update issue? Could you take a quick look?

Thanks in advance!

Hm, it seems that the problem only arises in Safari on iPad. I must say that in the past I have had more issues with Safari displaying graphics right. Hamburger menu’s display like a giant hamburger, sliders don’t display, etcetera.

Hi @yingfuli,

Thanks for writing in.

It looks like a caching issue. Could you try disabling any caching plugin or purge/clear the cache? If it is still not working could you give as a login credential to your site in a secure note? So we can look a bit closer.


I have found what the problem was. iPadOS 13 has the option to let Safari ask for the desktop website when visiting a site. Because many mobile sites don’t have the full functionality of a desktop site I had that option on. Turns out it causes the issue with the images.

Mobile view:

Desktop view:

Hi @yingfuli,

Thank you for the information. It seems to be a rare case, but thank you for informing us. We will check to see if there is a way to fix that.

Thank you.

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