The grid - Instagram doubts

Hi , I just created an Instagram feed with The Grid. I had two issues:

  1. I’ve added the Instagram user but I cannot see the user description and the number of posts and followers.

  2. Hoy can we add spacing between the pictures?


Hello @jimenagordillo,

Thanks for posting in!

1.) I already replied your other thread.

2.) To add space between items in your grid, you can add spacing gutters. You can find it in your Grid settings.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks!!! It worked.

I did a page for my Instagram and I added The Grid, but how do I get it to show the user description and followers like this?

Mine only looks like this:

Also, I have another doubt, I did a horizontal grid with The Grid:

and I wanted to put it on 3D like this:

How can I do this?

Thanks a lot!

Hey @jimenagordillo,

Regretfully, those are available only if you purchase a Standalone The Grid license. The support of author of The Grid will give you instruction to achieve that.



Another thing, es i can scrill on the side to see more iages and only two load up, even though I put on the setting for 18, how can I change this?

Hello @jimenagordillo,

Can you please send us the url of the page where we can find your grid?
We need to check it. Meanwhile, please make sure that you have set up the number of columns of your grid otherwise, it will just display one column.

Kindly let us know.

Hi! Its

The grid is at the end
When I use the < > it only moves two pictures, and I’ve put of in the item numer until 18


Hey @jimenagordillo,

Only 12 items are loaded in your page. Would you mind giving us WordPress Admin access in a Secure Note so we could check your setup? Give us the following information.

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password


OK, i will send it

Hey @jimenagordillo,

I’m sorry I just knew that The Grid currently will only show up to 12 images. This was written in the notice under the Source settings.

Regretfully, we can do nothing about this.


You’re most welcome,


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