Can't get Portfolio Working Properly

Hello, I’m trying to get the Portfolio Items to work consistently. Sometimes the gallery works properly, sometimes it doesn’t and I don’t know how to make it consistently work.

I want photos shown as a gallery, with text on the right, like this one that worked

Often though, it ends up like this:

Even though I use the same approach:

  1. Set type to gallery
  2. Add photos into the post body as the first thing I do
  3. write text
  4. preview
  5. I then remove the images from the post body and they seem to stay in the gallery somehow (when it works)

Can you please tell me how to reliably achieve the layout I am looking for?

Hey Scott,

Please try publishing the portfolio or save it as draft before deleting the images in the body. By the way, the mechanism the X Portfolio Gallery uses is the Media Attachment. You can read more details about that at

Just in case you don’t like the approach of attaching images, you can try the method shown in the video below:

If that doesn’t help still, please give us the following:

  • URL of the Portfolio Item that is not working
  • WordPress Login URL
  • Username and Password

Please post sensitive information in a Secure Note.


Hello, I’ve tried that and still can’t get it to work. I’ve sent details via a secure note.

Hi Scott,

Thank you for the credentials, the step you miss is setting the Media Type to Gallery

Please follow these steps when creating portfolio posts:

  1. Navigate to Portfolio > Add New Item
  2. Add a title to your posts
  3. Write your content
  4. Using the Add Media button upload the images that you want to show on the featured slider of the post. You do not even need to insert those images on your content (unless you really want it on your content), just upload the images on that post and it will attach to that post automatically.
    5) Set the Media Type to Gallery
  5. Set a Featured Image on your post so it will have a Featured Image showing on the portfolio index page
  6. Set Tags, Categories, and other meta for your posts.
  7. Preview and Publish when done.

Hope it helps,

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