Starter Pack Missing

I have a freshly installed Pro theme but can’t find where to load starter packs. I’m in the template manager and there is not link showing to import anything. How do I do that? Thanks

Hello Derp,

Could you please try following this post ( and import starter pack.

If you’re still having issues, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

Hello Derp,

Regretfully the given credentials is not working for us.

Please double check it.

Hey Derp,

The Starter Pack won’t show up if you already have templates or you have clicked the Don’t show me this anymore link.

What you could do is download all your current templates and delete them, the Import Starter Pack button should then show up. You could import your templates back after that.

I recommend that instead of the support staff packing the templates and making it available on his own as the starter pack could be updated any time and you’ll miss something.

Only if you don’t see the Import Starter Pack button after that, download it from here: (I might remove this some time in the future)


Resolved! Thank you

You’re most welcome,


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