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I asked this directly to the plugin developer but they wouldn’t help me cause I got the plugin as apart of the Pro theme.

I have created a form with PayPal payment.

The issue in the process seems to be that users are allowed to submit the form without payment.
Is there a way to make it so that they are required to pay before the form is submitted? Or be taken to PayPal immediately after submitting the form?

In addition, I need a field for a phone number but I need to limit the # of characters to a min and max of 10. Right now I just have a text field but they can enter in any # of digits and characters. If I can restrict the field to only 10 digits, we should be able to obtain a better success rate of proper phone numbers. Or what is the recommended way of providing a phone field?

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1.) You must enable Paypal and supply the details so that the payment process can be processed before they can submit the form. You can set this in the Payment tab.

2.) Since there is no phone or telephone field, you will use the number field instead and then apply a custom JS code for the validation of the phone number. Perhaps this link can help:

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My payment settings are exactly how you have them shown here, yet users are able to submit the form before paying so i must have something wrong. The form is here: If you can take a look at the form, I’d sure appreciate it. If you need admin access to my site, I can give you that.

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thanks so much for offering to take a look! I have added the secure note.

Hi @Tech4Eleven,

By default the plugin works like that, first, the form is submitted and then the email is sent and after that, it redirects to PayPal or Payment page. The Pro version of the plugin has a feature of sending the email only after the payment is successful.


Understood. I checked but I dont see a “pro” version mentioned. To get the “pro” version, do I just need to buy it straight from codecanyon at:

Hey @Tech4Eleven,

I’m sorry I’m not familiar with the “pro” version of the E&P plugin but it’s just best to purchase the plugin in CodeCanyon so that you can get direct support from the plugin author moreover that what we can do for this case is report the issue to the plugin author as it looks like there’s no option to resolve the issue. Reporting might take some time so it’s best that you purchase the plugin from the author and get direct support.

I’ll post this now in our issue tracker so that this will be queued to be forwarded to the E&P plugin author.


oh. @tristup said “The Pro version of the plugin has a feature of sending the email only after the payment is successful.” so thats why I asked about it. I dont see the pro version of the E&P plugin. I’ll ask the plugin developer about this again and see if they can help here.

Hi @Tech4Eleven,

Really, sorry for the confusion here, as per the information the premium version of the plugin does not have that option yet. But they have the option to add payment link in the email sent to the customer that may help you.


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