How can i get the @ ( Graphic icons ) aligned in the Contact Forms 2 in Renew?

Great day to you,

Can you help me get the Graphic( icon )s aligned on the Contact Forms right next to the email that is to the right and the phone number?

The @ sign and the “phone logo” symbol should be aligned

I had an issue where the @ sign was overlaying the email address, and the only way to fix it ( that i found ) was to set the:

Graphic icon border > Outset
( from none )
width to 25px
( max )

And i would like to find a way to have padding between the @ sign and the email without ( the @ sign overlaying the text and without ) setting the Graphic icon border

And to have the @ sign and the “phone symbol” aligned

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Hey J,

I’m sorry but I’m not sure what you’re trying to align. Are you trying to vertically align the @ sign and the email text?


If so, increase the Line Height of the Primary Text to 2.



If that is not what you mean, please clarify and provide screenshots.


Thank you christian, but i am talking about the other @ sign, the one to the right of that one


It should be aligned with the ‘phone’ logo

Unless i use the method described above it will overlay the email address, and i’d like to set the padding without using the Outset ( parameter )

Hello Jussi,

Thanks for for the clarifications. I have taken some time to inspect your page, As it turns out, you are using a headline element to display the email and the phone number. They do not have the same styling. Click on the headline element with the phone number and copy the style. You will have to apply the same styling to the emaill address so that they will be aligned to each other.



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Thank you very much

Hello @JussiTuukkanen

Glad that we are able to help you

Have a great day!

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