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I need help with an issue with Cornerstone. I recently created a new page. It says it’s saved.

Look at it from the Dashboard and can see it. Go back to Cornerstone and nothing has been saved.

It does show on the page on a browser.

site: https://operahousekc.com/best-coffee-places-near-me-kansas-city-river-market-restaurants/

Hi @lwskcmi,

Thanks for reaching out.

Hi @KEIcie_GSZMayday,

There could be a plugin or custom code that affect your website.

I recommend the following troubleshooting procedures before we investigate the settings.


Only if none of that helps, please give us the following information in a Secure Note.

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts.

Thank you.

We have completed all the checks. Please check the site at your earliest convenience.

To restate our issue, after creating and saving a page in Cornerstone, we can see the page publicly on our website but we can no longer edit it in Cornerstone. The Cornerstone editor only shows a blank page and the page title.

Hello @lwskcmi,

Thanks for sharing your credentials. The page URL that you have shared, It is not working. It is going to 404 pages. I went ahead and checked your other pages. It seems that it is working fine at my end.
I would suggest you clear your browser cache and then check it again.


Just to clarify, you checked the pages on the backend? That is the issue. Nothing is showing in Cornerstone when trying to edit the page(s).

Update: When looking at existing pages, they come up in Cornerstone. The new page titled The Best Coffee in the River Market does not. It has also been published so the link works. https://operahousekc.com/the-best-coffee-in-the-river-market/

Thank you

Hi @lwskcmi,

Please be aware that when you create a page or post using Cornerstone, a cornerstone data which contains all the element settings are saved as a post meta of the page/post. As soon as you edit the page/post outside of Cornerstone, the changes will not be saved into this cornerstone data and it may even corrupt or remove the post meta indicating that Cornerstone is no longer the primary editor of the page/post. This is one of the reasons that as soon as you get back to edit the page/post in Cornerstone, the content is already empty and looks like you need to start from scratch again.

Be advised that Cornerstone is a page builder. You can also use it to create your posts. once you created the page or post in Cornerstone, it is only editable in Cornerstone. You cannot use the default WP editor or any other page builder. If you do so, then it is best that you create the content from scratch.

Thanks for understanding.

I am aware of this. Nothing, no editing has been done outside of Cornerstone. All changes have been completed in Cornerstone. When I go back into Cornerstone to make a change, all the work I have done is gone.

To further illustrate our issue, I recorded creating a page in cornerstone, viewing it online and returning to cornerstone to edit the page only to find no content on the cornerstone editor. https://share.getcloudapp.com/X6udg1GX

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Hi @lwskcmi,

Thanks for the detailed video, it shows that you have edited the content by deleting a few sections of the content, which creates the broken HTML and it does not load into the Cornerstone builder. While I checked the same in Default editor it shows the codes present inside the page. Regarding the page is rendering properly, because the deleted section does not affect the rendering of the output into the Browsers.
I have marked the section which you deleted from the page in the given screenshot. I have checked the page and follow the steps and found the reason behind it.


That is absolutely not what happened! I highlighted the test on the screen to show the test matched the Cornerstone content. Then I deleted the test INSIDE CONERSTONE to create an edit. No edits occured outside of Cornerstone. Deleting some text from one section while in Cornerstone should not delete the entire page.
How can you not see that?

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