Issue with CPT

Hello, I have a CPT installed on my website. The person who has made the CPT is out of reach right now. I hope there is a simple solution for my issue. On all my CPT pages, the footer links are not working any more:

example CPT page
correct footer link:
footer link under a CPT page

I have no idea where to look, do you see the issue?

Update the problem is not CPT, but it also happens on category pages


which should be

Hi Ronald,

Since the pages involve has some customizations, would you mind mentioning what changes did you do before the issue started? This will help us understand might have caused the problem in the first place.

Also, if you can please provide us with the admin and FTP access to your site in a Secure Note so that we can check the setup.

However, please note that since this has some customization done by a developer, it would be best to get in touch with them to have a look at it but we can try checking it.

I think it does not have to do with my customization but I am not sure. This site is live now since a few hours, in the development stage we did not see this problem. So I have no idea when it happend.
Thanks for your help

Hi @RPronk,

The solution should be easy. Please follow these steps:

#1 Edit the footer settings in the footer builder:

#2 Edit the text element

#3 Change the current href value to instead of just ../privacy-verklaring/

Save the changes then the issue should be solved.

Hope this helps.

Thousand thanks! Works
Have a great day

We are delighted to assist you with this.


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