Image size for Ethos 2

Pretty basic question. I’m using the Ethos 2 demo layout and the home page images are being cut off. What WxH is optimal for these sections?

Hello Joshua,

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Ethos 2 demo is using 1400x900 image dimensions. You might wonder why your image were cutoff.
I would like you to try this demo here: which would explain how background image works.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the response.

I resized my images to 1400x900 and they’re still being cut off. I don’t wish to set a container due to liking the flow of ethos 2 transitioning backgrounds as you scroll past.

Hello Joshua,

Have you tried changing the background size settings of the sections? Also, the padding settings around the section and the section’s width and height could also play a factor for the display of the background image.

I tried to check your site but there is a coming soon page active. If you want to us to check further, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

Currently only able to sign-in via my hosting provider. I’ve submitted a ticket to wordpress and once the issue is sorted I can send you the WP info.

It sounds great!
Our staff will be standing by.

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