Keep rolling + related post and logo images are broken


Please help.

After updated Pro to the latest version, I cannot edit content, header, and footer, keep rolling while related post and logo images are broken.

Please help ASAP.
Thank you,

Hey @sovann,

I checked your site and I don’t see an issue with the Related Post and Logo Images. Please see the screenshots in the Secure Note.

Regarding the builder, it’s the WP Swift Page plugin that is causing the issue. I’ve deactivated it so you could check that Pro is working now.

Next time, I’d strongly recommend though that you do test for plugin conflict yourself as we do not account what plugins we have deactivated during the testing. That service is reserved for maintenance services which we do not include in our theme support.

Also, as mentioned in our How to Get Support article.

Hope that helps.

Than you.

Also i cannot uplod image now, I have got this issue even the image is so small.
“Post-processing of the image failed. If this is a photo or a large image, please scale it down to 2500 pixels and upload it again.”

I can view but when i click to edit, it turned to Page Not Found.


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You’re always welcome Sovann!

That issue is not related to the theme but rather with Wordpress 5.3 update. Please check this article for more information.

Hope this helps.

I can upload the image now.

  1. Most of thumbail image is not showed up. for example:

  2. The Pro editor not show up.

Please help.

Hello @sovann,

Thanks for updating in!

1.) Your featured image did not display on the front end because it also do not display or having incorrect url when you have inserted the featured image.

Please edit your post and re upload the featured image.

2.) The Pro editor is missing because there is a JS error on the page generated coming from WordPress SEO Premium plugin. Kindly temporarily deactivate this plugin to confirm this conflict.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

  1. it worked very well previously, but since updating the WP and theme, it has got like that and most of the posted images, even the image within the posts.It would take to much time to reupload the images while some of the images are deleted from my PC.

  2. 100% conflicted with Yoast plugin, what should i do as only that plugin is working well for SEO

Help Thanks.

Hello @sovann,

Normally, the image that you have uploaded via WordPress is loaded in to your site like this url:

And in your site, the images were loaded like this:

This means that you are using CDN (Content Delivery Network) and it is caching your site resources. This is why sometimes the image displays and sometimes they do not. Your CND caches needs to flushed or cleared to be able to resolve the issue. I strongly have a hunch that ShortPixel plugins is causing this issue. Try to temporarily disable this plugins and you will see that those images will display.

Regrading the WordPress SEO Premium plugin giving the JS error, simply temporarily disable the plugin when there is a need to edit the pages in Pro Editor because that JS error is preventing the “Edit in Pro Editor”. The JS error might event prevent the builder from loading. You can always activate it again once you are done with editing.

Hope this helps.

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