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I’d like to understand if is it possible to reduce Slide Container width in order that Slide Navigation Buttons will be OUTSIDE the Slide Container and that Sildes scroll INSIDE Navigation Buttons:

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Hello Daniele,

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You can set the width of the Slide Navigation element to 100% while setting the Content Size of the Slide Container to 80% only.

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Dear Ruenel
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Setting the Content Size of the Slide Container to 80% don’t reduce the Slide Container Width…

But reduce the Content Sizing of every single Slide inside the Slide Container:

Here two examples:

Max Width “none”:

Mak Width “50%”:

Slide Container width doesn’t change!

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Hello Daniele,

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Hi Ruenel

Here is a Test page where you can test this behavior:


Hello Daniele,

To get your issue resolved, you will have to move the “Slide Navigation” element outside of the Content Wrapper element.

When the Slide Navigation is now with the same level and no longer the child element of the Content Wrapper, you can then set the maximum width of the Content Wrapper element to calc(100% - 160px). The 160 value is the total number of the button widths.

Kindly check out the example URL in the secure note below.


It works perfectly like a charm.

Many many thanks

Pleased to be of assistance, Daniele!

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