Modern Events IE Issue

I have recently come across what seems to be an IE compatibility error. I have attached screenshots to show the error. It seems to be centered around the use of the escape (`) symbol. Is there anyway to work around this? It refers to an invalid character.

I have also attached screenshots showing what it is supposed to look like (shows up in chrome) vs what happens in IE.

The page is on an internal network

Thank you,

Hey @aekokobe,

Regretfully, we could not replicate the issue based on your short description and screenshots. Would you mind making your site available online for us and give us the following in a Secure Note.

  • URL of the page where the issue happens
  • WordPress Login URL
  • Username and Password.


Unfortunately the site is on an internal company intranet. So I can’t do that. I’ll try and look around to see what I can do.

Hey @aekokobe,

That’s unfortunate, feel free to ask if you need any help.


Is this plugin moving away from IE 11 compatibility?

There are backticks used in that piece of code I uploaded a screenshot of. IE 11 doesn’t support that.

That was my whole issue.

Hi @aekokobe,

I installed the MEC on my local installation and found the frontend.js file and the backtick in question. Now I wonder if you tested the case by changing those backticks to normal quotes? Is it fixed in IE11?

The problem I have is that I am not sure how to implement the Upcoming Training section on my installation if you tell me how you added that section, I can replicate it on my local installation and check.

If the there problem is a matter of changing the backticks to normal quote, we will report this to the MEC developer.

Thank you.

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Hi Chris,
I made a simple page with the Carousel View Type 1 shortcode in a content area. In the screenshot it is begin shown through an iframe. Mind you this was working before.

I’m also aware of the fix (I had since changed it to $('#mec-speaker-error-'+key).remove();).

I suppose this is something that should be reported to Webnus. Fact of the matter is, we all know that IE lacks ES6 compatibility out of the box.

I wouldn’t want to have to change this every time the plugin is updated.

Hi @aekokobe,

I can confirm that the issue and yes, changing those lines fixed it on IE. I will add this to our issue tracker so it can be forwarded to the plugin developer. Thank you for those information.

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