Revolution slider video not visible in google chrome v78

Hello, I have a section on my home page at which has a video inserted into using the Classic Revolution slider.
the video works perfectly on most browsers and chrome mobile as it should, auto play, loop, no sound etc.
The video is not visible in Google Chrome desktop, I have version 78.0.3904.97 (Official Build) (64-bit).
When the page loads in chrome I see a black section with just a video pause icon in the middle.
Most browsers shower, screen shot
Chrome shows, screen shot
Help is appreciated.

Hi @tmoreland27,

Thank you for writing in, is this your video, this seems to be not properly encoded. Although this is an mp4 file it seems to don’t have a video layer.

Try this sample video for now, and if this works, you’ll know that the issue is with your video and not with Revolution Slider nor Google Chrome.


thank you, however still no luck. I optimised the vid using the slider options and reloaded the page clearing the cache. it is not showing in chrome on my iPhone, but not on desktop or Samsung phone using chrome.

Hi @tmoreland27,

I saw the sample video was working, but it seems you put back your original video now (or it could be just a cache)

Please do this test, copy the direct URL of your video and paste it directly on the browser address bar, if the video does not play, then you’ll know its the video has the issue. Else, please provide login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


thank you for all your help, I’ve decided to use a vid from YouTube which seem to be working across all browsers and platforms… thank you again for your time and patience.

You’re most welcome,


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